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Jan 062016

Mastering the UI Layout
If you are the type that only plays one character, you probably don’t have very much trouble managing your screen arrangements. You have one, sometimes you need to adjust it, but since you are only playing the one character you probably know where everything is quite well.

Or you could be like me and play 19 characters (on one server alone), characters that are by design each unique, each containing capabilities that are as variant from each other as I can make them. Meaning, they may need different windows arrangements too.

Nineteen completely different arrangements would never work; I would never be able to find anything. Ever.

So instead, I’ve come up with just one generic layout, and I make them all play within it. Thank the gods for the ability to save and recall layouts. More on that below.
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Sep 282015

Orchard of the Macabre
It may not look like it, but this place is loaded with endgame loot

I have 17 active characters on my main server, thirteen of which are actively played. Ten of them are or have been Epic. If this seems like a lot, it is! I could have the greatest character ever if I focused on only one. But no, I spread the love around, and instead of one truly great character I have ten moderately adequate ones.

This has made me something of an expert on equipping said characters; not because I know so much about equipment but because I have to do it so often.
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May 112015

How To Create Your Own DDO Splashscreen

I am the sort that likes to tinker. Not with hardware; I am capable of disassembling an engine and re-assembling it (no, really, I am, I’ve done it), but I don’t like to. I have nothing but admiration for the do-it-yourselfers that want to eke one more horsepower out of something, or weld something in a new way, or create other tangible tinkering. But I am not that kind of tinker: I like to tinker with software. For instance, DDO.

Have you ever noticed that when your character changes zones, you see a splash screen advertising something DDO-related? Generally, an Adventure Pack? I have, noting that they change, we don’t see the same one every time. So I tinkered. And discovered.

Want to build your own splash screen? I did. Here’s how:
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Apr 282014

Thunder Peaks Loot Run

There’s a new loot run in town! It’s not perfect, it doesn’t have a chance for named loot like the loot run in Servants of the Overlord, nor any ingredients*. But it does feature a level 29 chest (more with a Jewel of Fortune and/or a +loot weekend), and it certainly meets the loot run definition:

A loot run is a chest that can be looted to ransack quickly, by one character, without the use of resources by the player, and reset quickly too.

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Oct 042013

DDOGamer Does Favor

Chapter 1: What Favor is and how it works
Chapter 2: Faction Favor rewards, ranked by usefulness
Chapter 3: Total Account Favor and Turbine Points

Factions & Favor
With 1500 total favor, Sparksy has earned numerous favor awards. Some are more desirable than others

DDO has all kinds of differing factions that will award you favor points for doing their work. Like many games, when you have accumulated enough favor points for a faction, they will give you something as a reward. Unlike many games, you don’t have to pick and choose between opposing factions that will be pleased or angered by the same action, you can cozy up to all of them.

In fact it is hard to avoid. Favor happens to you automatically, when you complete quests. Your only control over the matter is:

  • Deciding which quests to run: one quest will award favor with one faction only
  • Deciding what difficulty you will run the quest: more difficult completions award more favor

You do not earn favor for repeat completions of the same quest, but you can improve the favor awarded by that quest by re-completing it at a higher difficulty. That is a harder concept to explain than it is to understand. Maybe an example will help?
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