how to lose faith in the integrity of a piece of software

Aug 132013

Sparksy firing an arrow. Literally.
Sparksy prepares to fire an arrow. Literally.

My Gamer Girl has more problems with DDO game bugs. She gets more of them than I do, and when she does they are more severe. She gets one or more irritating bugs every single play session.

She gets so many bugs that sometimes I just assume she is doing something wrong. I am a programmer myself, I get lots of bug reports that resolve to not be bugs at all; maybe this is like that. Except I am being unfair to her, even a bit condescending. My Gamer Girl is quite bright, very computer-savvy, and she plays a lot. She knows how things ought to work.

More than once she told me about a bug, I doubted it, and then later read about the bug on the forums or was impacted by it myself. So I’ve learned. If she says it is a bug, it probably is.
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