Jan 042016

High Priestess M’Saar saw the halfling long before the tiny creature had entered her nest and she feigned ignorance.

A trio of monitor lizards mewled hungrily and M’Saar tightened her control over the beasts lest they spoil her fun. She wanted to watch this sneaking little man die up close.

That the halfling was skilled, there was no doubt in the priestess’ mind. He’d somehow managed to move undetected through the tunnels leading here and her warriors had failed her. She sniffed the air and sensed the warriors nearby, but she resisted the urge to call them.

Her greenish eggs glistened in the faint glow produced by effervescent crystals set around the outer walls of the cavern. Movement inside the eggs sent ripples across fetid pools of water. The halfling made his way past a circlet of eggs to a stalactite that reached from ceiling to floor. She noticed his care in not disturbing the water.
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Feb 212012
Background from the new DDO recruitment page
The current recruitment page image
Click to see it full-size
(and you should, it is really nice work!)

Ever just type “ddo.com” in your browser and go? If this is your first reference to DDO.com (or first in session, depending on your cookie settings) you don’t actually go to ddo.com but instead are redirected to the recruitment page.

Normally this is not very interesting and certainly wouldn’t merit any sort of mention in this space. No, this space is reserved for way more important topics, like gas jokes and bad haiku that probably isn’t haiku and whether or not I rate my own posts.

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Jan 092012
Click the image for a full-sized Halfling Outrider
Doesn’t this look way more fun
than just another Assassin?

Right now, Turbine devs MadFloyd and Eladrin are hosting a discussion about upcoming changes to the enhancement system. One set of changes involved racial prestige enchancments, such as Elven Arcane Archer and Dwarven Defender: every race is going to have a similar link to a prestige enhancement.

Sounds great! Until one realizes that they are planning for the halfling racial PrE to be Assassin.

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Nov 142009

Evangelyne Bith Evangelyne is a 32-point build with maximized DEX. She has some INT and WIS too, at the expense of melee attributes and/or UMD.

Although she is currently fitted out as a trapsmith, she is based on a PnP rogue Acrobat. At some point she will swap her Mechanic enhancements and feats for Acrobat kit.

But that could be some time. She has spent the last three years intentionally stalled at 8th level, and will remain there for the foreseeable future to insure I have a character to run with guildies in that level range.

On the plus side, she is a most excellent trapsmith even though she has other plans long-term. As my resident 8th level she gets fairly premier twink gear. She’s managed the VON5 traps on elite (with a couple of raises – those spinny traps hurt!) and her weapon loadout helps to mitigate her low hitpoints and STR.