gencon 2010

Aug 092010


Shorts, a t-shirt, and either (1) mandals, or (2) sneakers with crew socks, often black. The t-shirt was always about a game, comic, web meme or geek movie. I saw one Denver Broncos t-shirt but that doesn’t count, it was on me. Everything else was 100% nerd culture reference. Which, I suppose, is as it should be.


Corsets. Yes, I said corsets. Occasionally as part of some sort of steam-punky costume but usually not.

On some of the girls the corsets looked tremendous. On some of them it looked horrifying. But on most girls it didn’t improve or detract from their overall appearance, it just did really strange things to their boobs. As if the bottom 2/3 was simply gone, or maybe some mad scientist had removed them and replaced them with frisbees and nailed them onto the girl, perpendicular to her torso.

Think a muffin top but with no muffin. Now imagine two of them.

Some of the more endowed women were skewed into truly fantastical shapes. And I don’t mean that in a good way, but rather in the way H.P. Lovecraft would use the word.


One of hundreds of awesome costumes at GenCon
The Lady of Pain
was one of the many
outstanding costumes

Many of the costumes were perfectly made with loving care and high production values: they looked stunning. Others looked like a duct tape explosion. Most were somewhere in between.

There was a staggering array of costume subjects. Every character from every anime, video game, comic book or movie is fair game. Oh I forgot TV shows. And card games. And anything that let you wear a sword, or that might be somewhat steam-punky. There were even two girls dressed as Tetris blocks.

By far the most common character was Link from Zelda (or maybe from the Legend of Neil?). There were so many different Links that they had to devote a special section of the contest to them. Green Links, White Links, a Maroon Link, a Black Ninja Link… really a lot of Links.

Fashion Lessons Learned:

Men, you are perpetuating the utter nerd gamer stereotype. Okay, we are utter nerd gamers, but consider mixing it up a tiny bit. For instance, buy some white socks.

Ladies, any effort you make to emphasize your chest will always be welcome. But make a mirror-driven sanity check before going outside: boobs are much cooler when they are at least vaguely boob-shaped.

Aug 082010

One can’t help but overhear random fragments of conversation when wandering about. No context, no story, just a phrase that stands out and grabs your attention.

Here are my favorite three snippets so far:

#1: “No, no, don’t worry, I’m going to kill you last”
#2: “Batman is not a superhero. He’s a vigilante!”
#3: “If I only had ONE more zombie!”

Aug 072010

It’s 2:00 am at GenCon and downtown Indianapolis is full of gamers. Its a warm night and we are filling every street downtown with our probably-overweight-but-definitely-in-shorts-and-tshirt selves.

I get back to my hotel and the lobby is filled with gamers. I can see at least ten different games being played as I write this, with at least 40 players all going strong.

Did I mention that it’s 2:00am?

GenCon is awesome.