Nov 122015

Reviewing the Night Revels

The first run of the Night Revels is in the history books;  all of the apples have been blackened, the cinnamon sinistered, and the almonds spookified. Thousands of undead have been (temporarily) laid to rest across hundreds of instances. The Night has been Reveled in full and Delera’s Graveyard has returned to its normal, less atmospheric state.

As the afterimage of a lovely mauve-and-black sky fades from our collective retinas, time to ask the hard question: did you have fun?

Why, yes. Yes I did.

A simple answer to a simple question. But the topic deserves more; more detail, more specifics. Maybe even a suggestion or two.

Let’s dive in.
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Oct 302015

Surviving DDO's Night Revels

There are some things you need to know about the Night Revels, DDO’s fall festival.

  • They can make everything night time, anywhere in the game
  • You have to like Jack-O-Lanterns. Or at least, you will find it helpful if you do.
  • Undead. Undead everywhere.

The festival is charming, in a sort of Nightmare-Before-Christmas kind of way. Even if you are not a fan of the movie, it still makes for a refreshing change of pace. Unless you are That Guy, I suppose, That Guy Who Hates Everything, in which case you most likely hate this too. Go back to the forums, That Guy, or the Vault, or wherever else you and your overwhelmingly negative cohorts gather. Your kind is not popular here.

But I digress. This is not about positive attitude, or even the lack thereof, this is about the Night Revels and the things that I Have learned about them during their first week.

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Oct 232015

Night revels has more loot than anything
Night Revels is the new fall festival, replacing the lost but not lamented “Mabar: A Fortnight Of Lag” event. There were good things about Mabar, and bad things, but it no longer matters: Mabar is gone, Night Revels is here.

Or at least, it will be, just as soon as Turbine turns it on.

Although it is called a festival, it is really just a limited-duration way to gain specially-themed loot. The method involved is simple:

  1. Kill undead in Deleras Graveyard, collecting the Darkest Chocoloate (a Night Revel crafting ingredient) and special keys
  2. Use the keys to run one of four mini-quests
  3. Each of the mini-quests provides a different Night Revel crafting ingredient
  4. Combine the ingredients to get loot

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