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Sep 282016

DDO The Card Game - Clerics


This post is part of a continuing series where I present my ill-formed thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game to you for review and suggestion.


Favored Souls are to Clerics what Sorcerers are to Wizards; not as easy to get spells, but better at using them once obtained. Also like Sorcerers, Favored Souls have a melee-based enhancement tree for those who want to mix their swords with their sorcery.
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Nov 032015

Remaking a Superhero

How I deconstructed an ineffective Favored Soul and remade her into something useful.


“You know”, said my Gamer Girl after a recent raid, “I had to heal you more than anyone.” Which is not all that unusual, really, my play style consists of a flurry of constant attacks, and I have some sort of genetic indisposition towards paying attention to my own hit points.

Except this time was different, because I was playing a healer.

Ooh, ouch. That is not good.

But it is even worse than that, because I’d spend the whole raid running around not doing very much damage either. Not due to lack of effort, oh no, I was out there attacking my little pixelated ass off. I was hitting things, but the hits weren’t accomplishing anything. I felt completely ineffective. It was very frustrating.

Ooh, double ouch.
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Dec 042014

Beatifica Evildoers Beware illustrates Leap of Faith
Flying through Meridia, loving every minute of it

I love Abundant Step. So much that I had to write about it, twice. And it remains just as awesome as it has ever been.

But Leap of Faith may be even better.

For one thing, it looks better. There are the wings. Literally. Wings appear, and your Favored Soul glows like a candle, becoming the visual angelic embodiment of all that is good and right. Even an Eeeeevil Favored Soul looks angelic when Leaping.
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Nov 052014

Good and Evil
Black vs. white. Good vs. evil. Melee vs. caster.

Here is a living example of the beautiful way that DDO lets you take similar characters in different directions. Utterly different. And still enjoy both sets of results.

Consider the two characters illustrated above. Both are Favored Souls. Both have a lot of Charisma and Constitution. They both choose from the same spell list, and have the same basic class feats. Both put a lot of ranks in Concentration. They have a lot in common.

But they remain utterly different.
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Jun 192013



Well, to sum up everything I just wrote I had a great four days on DDO. See you all next Mizzablog!

Just kidding! But really, I did have a great four days. I wasnt able to do too much the first day but me and Comic didmore on the second one than we have in a while.

It all started out in the Red Fens. By the way, has anyone noticed a distinct lack of ‘Red’, ‘Fens’ and ‘Red Fens’? Anyways, we were able to complete the Red Fens chain. The underwater one was a bit of a pain but really quite unique so Turbine gets points for that, at the least. We went down to face the optional boss and were doing pretty good for a while. Then his hire died. Then my hire died. Then he died. Then I was scared and tried to do something. I dunno what, but I did TRY. But then I died. The thing that sucks most about it was that the boss had only a sliver of health left. Just a tiny itty bitty sliver. A few seconds more and he would have been dead. It went the way it went though and thats okay.

Afterwards, we headed back to Sorrowdusk Isle to finish up the chain there. In the final quest, Comic forgot that I had mentioned a few months back that I had run the chain once before, so I just let him “teach” me how to get the final spinny puzzle thingy figured out. Really though I was just to lazy to do it myself and found his running back and forth to be kinda amusing. Yes. Im easily entertained. When we finished, I pretty much explained this to him as we ran off to collect our end rewards from the Ogre guy. I picked out the Rune Arm because we seem to be running into ALOT of fire enemies and ice does wonders with them. I think I now have 7 Rune Arms.

Before we started the second day though, I decided to say ‘screw it’ and buy something from the DDOStore. I asked Comic for his opinion and he gave good sound advice. I bought Favored Soul then ran two 100 Favor runs to get the 50TP I needed in order to finally get Shared Bank. Originally, I was gonna save up the TP for the Rogue Iconic Class but I decided that Id be better off getting things I want NOW than wait for something that I can get anytime later. That and knowing Turbine, its likely that the Iconic Classes are going to be released with some bugs that make them seriously unfun to play for a while.

My first 100 Favor run was on my brand new class: Favored Soul. I decided to make a Human one and make her a high DEX Two Weapon Fighter. So far shes turned out to be a ton of fun to play. Ive got her running around dual weilding Longswords. She can buff and heal more ofton than my Clerics could so thats a great benefit. I know that for the Prestige Enhancement I have to choose one of three of the Metamagics. Right now Im kinda thinking about choosing Heighten. Any opinions on that would be helpful as the only Metamagic I have experience with is Empower Healing. On my way to 100 Favor on her I managed to get her up to level four.

My second 100 Favor run was on a trash Vet 2 Monk. Managed to get it done in three hours. Then I switched to Mizzaroo on Cannith and did some favor runs on her because she needs another inventory and bank slot. right now she only has four inventory bags and one bank tab. Four inventory bags just isnt cutting it anymore. With all the gear she has to carry around she techinically only has one. The others are full of weapons, armor and equipment she needs to survive.

This morning I, along with several others I presume, recieved an email from Shin. Sadly, Shin has decided that its time for him to walk away from the game for the forseeable future. While this admitedly bums me out, I wholeheartedly wish him nothing less than the best. I completly understand his need to step away. So, Shinny, if you read this, Its been fun playing DDO with you(when we were on together), thank you for the fun times, for the guild Destiny and for being a great friend. Dont be a stranger now, you hear?

Lastly, even though Im not one of DDOs players who has the remotest intrest in using the TR system, I do support player ideas over Turbine Dev ideas. Why? Because we actually play DDO so we know whats best for it! With that being said, I wish to fully endorse Sig Trents Epic TR thingy! Follow the link to learn how to show your support!

Well, thats the extent of my week. Not as exciting as people who do nothing but raid and run the same four or five quests over and over. But it was fun for me and I cant wait to get back onto my Favored Soul. So, I hope everyone has a great day/night!


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