Pretty as a Picture

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Oct 312016

According to comments in Friday’s post From the Light House, long-time myDDO contributor, occasional DDOGamer author, and DDO fan Shindurza loves the view from the top of the Atarexia lighthouse. Apparently, he considers it one of the best visuals in the game.


Can’t argue with him, it is lovely.

But is it the loveliest? That is harder to say. The Stormhorns are gorgeous. The Vale of Twilight transcends. The Menechtarun desert at night is stunning. Sunset over Eveningstar. The list goes on and on.

There are a lot of lovely views in this game.

My personal fave is this meadow.

What is yours?

🙂 😀 🙂

From the Light House

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Oct 282016

This is not a postcard, or at least, not just a postcard, even though a full-frame screenshot is included, and a nice screenshot it is:


But this is not about the screenshot. You see, I’ve tried numerous times over the years to get a decent video of what it looks like when you jump off the lighthouse on Atarexia’s island. To no avail.

I don’t run the lighthouse quest very often, maybe once a year, so I don’t get a lot of chances to get this right. And I don’t want it badly enough to run the quest solely to get the video.
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Jun 072016

Here we have Evangelyne Bith, premiere sneak-thief, taking a selfie to commemorate the simultaneous achievements of reaching the Overlook in Searing Heights and also making Eighth Level:


Taking a selfie from the Overlook

Is auto-focus working?


Here she is showing off the results:
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Apr 192016

Miss Adventure - unstoppable superhero!

When I first started playing DDO, I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t in a guild. It was all-PUG, all the time. Me and a bunch of strangers, racing to rack up the kills as fast as we can

And of course, Miss Adventure.

Way back then, I had no idea what I was doing. I refused to play anyone else’s build (a strange personality tic I hold to this day), meaning I had to struggle through until I’d refined one of my own well enough to avoid embarrassing myself. This was before reincarnation, before Fred the Mindflayer, even before character planners. You did what you did, and you lived with it. Or you deleted your character and started over.

Me? I started over. A lot.

And Miss Adventure was a lot of the reason why.

It was okay if I didn’t win the kill count. There was always that one guy who knew everything and had everything and killed everything. I knew I wasn’t going to compete with that guy. But there would be a second tier in the group too, a tier of players that were good enough to carry their weight. That probably wasn’t going to be a soul stone. That might get an important job in a quest or raid that had jobs. I felt like that second tier was a realistic goal.

Except no, there was Miss Adventure. Not even a real person and still out-killing me. Regularly!

It became a near-obsession. “Miss Adventure”, I would say, “I hate that bitch!. But she didn’t care, beating me, mocking me, always competing, never letting me feel good about my character and my playing skills.

“I beat you again”, she would say to me, smarmily, condescendingly, “time to re-roll your character again, noob.”

I really did hate that bitch.
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