Jun 032014

Wake up! No one sleeps through Epic Elite
Wake up! No one sleeps through Epic Elite

Leveling Sparksy back up into Epic levels has been pretty easy. A couple of quests were difficult at level, but not that many. Most of the quests that weren’t cakewalks were simply long, and duration does not all by itself equal challenge.

We are running everything on Elite, when we are two levels above the quest CR. Quests on Elite are also two levels higher, so that makes a match; this is what we mean by saying that we are running them “at level”.
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Jan 102013

A full raid
So many raids, so little time

The signal-to-noise ratio of the DDO forums is famously low. I do not in any way envy those who’s job it is to try and glean through the daily muck and yuck to seek any useful trends or player input that may be buried amongst the angst.

Wait, yes I do envy that person (those people?), because that person (those people ?) would by definition be Turbine employees and that strikes me as enviable, regardless of what exactly they do on a daily basis.

But even still, the forums can be pretty icky. It would be hard to live there day after day and avoid getting any of the icky on yourself.
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Jul 202012

Like a Sir

I love the smell of epic in the morning

Last week I joined a level 25 group running Time is Money on my barbarian. Imagine my surprise when a three-minute challenge rewarded us with 150k XP! I didn’t have an XP pot burning or anything, just the 10% Tome of Learning, the quest was set to give out that much XP on the first epic25 completion.

It made me feel a little dirty. That can’t be on purpose, I didn’t even contribute very much.

I stopped running the challenge. Which is too bad, I’ve got a lot of practice in this challenge and really like it. Plus the challenge rewards are unusually flexible/tradable.

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Jun 262012
Ejecta and the Fatespinner
I’d like a nice fate, something in teal,
classic lines, maybe with a ruffle?

The update was updated, the servers were back to serving, and my client was current: I was good to go.

New Expansion Pack Day!

I logged in with some expectations. I knew there was an issue with guild ships, okay, I bought all the ship buffs again. I am out some plat but not that much. No big deal.

I knew the new raid had already been closed too. Weird, but I guess the launch date couldn’t be moved even for an incomplete raid.

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Oct 252011

As part of the preparation for TR-ing my wizard Sparksy into an artificer I have been cataloging and redistributing her bank. Up until now, she has been my designated hoarder of epic item ingredients.

I was mildly surprised to notice just how many epic items I could create, if only any of my characters wanted them:

Epic Ring of the Silver Concord
A nice ring for an AC paladin, if they only have one ToD ring? But alas I have no AC paladins.

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