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Sep 282015

Orchard of the Macabre
It may not look like it, but this place is loaded with endgame loot

I have 17 active characters on my main server, thirteen of which are actively played. Ten of them are or have been Epic. If this seems like a lot, it is! I could have the greatest character ever if I focused on only one. But no, I spread the love around, and instead of one truly great character I have ten moderately adequate ones.

This has made me something of an expert on equipping said characters; not because I know so much about equipment but because I have to do it so often.
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Mar 262015

Dressed to Kill: Equipping a newly-Epic Rogue
Being in a guild full of halflings, there is never a shortage of rogues. Mechanic rogues, assassin rogues, stick-fighting rogues, all kinds of rogues. Lots of rogues.

Not that this is a bad thing. It is not.

It so happens that a couple of occasional Halfling Commandos who have a more casual play style have hit level 20 at the same time. This is not coincidence, we’ve been helping them level, and in fact have been leveling them at a pretty fast clip. At least, a fast clip for casual players. This is awesome, even though they’ve been playing for years, their casual style, multiple servers, and multiple characters mean that level 20 is somewhere they are not used to being: all new content for them, all the time!

But there is a drawback. First-life characters who have been pulled to level by running high-XP quest series do not have the same chance to equip themselves as characters that level more organically. The character quickly outgrows his/her stuff. Then they reach level 20, the game difficulty stiffens up, and … well, let’s just acknowledge that “lightly equipped” does not combine well with “increased difficulty”.

And so my Gamer Girl, no mean player of rogues in her own right, found herself researching equipment for epic rogues that is both (1) likely to be useful and (2) not impossibly difficult to obtain.

This is her list.
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Nov 052013

Fiercely Buffed
When she’s all buffed, she’s still fierce!
But that level of buffing can be difficult to sustain

So there is my monk/wizard, Oriental Adventures, the first effective Fighter/Magic-User I’ve ever managed to create (in many, many attempts), sitting mostly neglected at level 23 while I pour attention into my completionist. When I do run epics, they’ve tended to be run on Ejecta Patera because she is the only crowd-control caster in our guild. Even when DPS is needed, generally speaking, out comes Chelena Armstrong or Knicker Tan, and poor neglected Oriental sits on her pixel shelf, un-played, un-loved.

There are a couple of reasons, actually several, including the fact that Oriental does a special kind of DPS – the flurry of blows attack, many many punches that are individually not overwhelming but which add up in a hurry – but Chelena and Knicker both do more traditional DPS. The kind that involves big numbers, especially Chelena.
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Jan 222013

Coin inquires about updating her beloved Blue Dragon Scale armor
Coin inquires about updating her visually awesome Blue Dragonscale Armor

It appears to be ever my fate to finish chronicling something complicated in DDO only to have it changed almost immediately on publication.

And so it is with my recent currently-but-briefly-definitive DragonDex series. Update 17 is coming (soon, it is already on Lamannia) and will add a great deal of new dragon information. Apparently the main opponents in the update are draconic. But in addition, we get Epic black, blue and white dragon scale armors.

I took a quick turn on the preview server to check them out.
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Mar 202012
Projectaport: Project Ejecta Progress Report
Alchemical Air Dagger
Epic Boots of Corrosion Boots Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Diabolist’s Robe Robe Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Dusk Heart Trinket Seal Shard Scroll
Epic Elder’s Cap Acquired!
Epic Ornamented Dagger Acquired!
Greensteel Hitpoint Cloak Acquired!
Greensteel Mana Bracers 19 of 20 runs
Magewright Spectacles Acquired!
Rahkir’s Sash Acquired!
Silver Flame Potion Favor Acquired!
Silver Flame Talisman Acquired!
Skiver Acquired!
ToD Ring 1 (Rahkirs) 10 of 20 runs
ToD Ring 2 (+1 Ex CON) 10 of 20 runs

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