death by earthgrab

Sep 302015

Soloing VON3 on EE - or Not
Last week, my FeyBuckler/Completionist Mawry ventured into the Jungles of Khyber on Epic Elite. Except Mawry was only level 20, and she got popped like an angry zit on school picture day in the second fight.

Normally I would just write that off. I don’t care for EE soloing, it strikes me as a rather crazy activity that is only for those who are truly devoted to it, which I am not. And it is super-crazy-nuts to try and solo something on EE when you are four levels below the quest. Four levels!

No shame in a defeat like that, right? I am free to go on about Mawry’s current life with no regrets. Except it bothered me anyway, because I didn’t have to die. If I’d played even the slightest bit better, I’d have survived.

As days passed I kept turning it over in my head. What if I’d done this? Or instead, that? Maybe I can solo this thing? At level 21? Maybe the FeyBuckler build is just that good?
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