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Mar 212016

Dear DDOGamer: Make Me a Fiery Wolf That Punches Things
I feel like I’ve said this before, but just in case, DDOGamer is ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Especially the relationship questions. Like this one, from astute DDOGamer reader Wiliam “Godsmaker” Carter:

Hey Geoff. I’m not sure if you remember me but i used to be apart of the Halfling Commandos. I just wanted to let you know that I really love your site, especially the Character Builds.

Of course I remember you godsmaker, how could I forget one with such impeccable taste and faultless judgement?
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Nov 092015

Dear DDOGamer: On Leveling Milestones

Another day, another desperate plea for help arriving in the DDOGamer inbox!

Today’s missive is from Spirit of Alba, who writes:

A thought for a blog. You have posted before about how L12 is a big watershed, because of greensteel. I’ve noticed that there are other significant, if slightly less momentous, loot boundaries.

So, until about L9-11 I find that I basically concentrate on getting max enchantments in the main attributes I need – say +6 dex, +6 health. After that, it’s hard to improve main stats for a bit, so I find I look for gear with additional attributes and / or augments. Now I have just been around Wheloon, a whole load of +8 ML 15 gear is available, and so I find myself going ‘back to basics’ for the next few levels. Things change again at L20.

The dragonscale armours at L14 (IIRC) are another small watershed.

Obviously there are loads of complications with named items and different builds, but I wonder about a chart of the ‘main’ loot patterns L1-28. I couldn’t do it, but I bet you could (perhaps with a bit of crowdsourcing)

Don’t be so down on yourself SofA, in spite of your misgivings, you can do it! In fact, you largely have done it, your missive contains the exact same milestones that I think most heroic players would call out. Certainly, the same ones that I see. Plus or minus one or two.

Leaving the obvious question, why can’t you do it? In spite of overwhelming evidence that you can?
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Sep 292015

Dear DDOGamer: Choosing a Server

As both of you who regularly frequent this space already know, DDOGamer is ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Especially the relationship questions. Like this one, from astute DDOGamer reader Briid:

Hey Geoff, I know it’s not specifically related to your post today, but… do you think you might do a blurb on the different servers you’ve played on? My Gamer Man and I are on Khyber, which feels a trifle like a ghost town now (we had taken a nearly-two-year hiatus), and were wondering about poking around on other servers. Can you tell us/anyone else who wonders what your opinions are? Picking a server is a total crapshoot…

Briid, while it may seem strange and unusual to you now, I can assure that it is normal to go through a period where you both want to “poke around” on other “servers”. There is even a term for it; the “seven-year itch”. Not just a movie but an actual, quantified psychological phenomena. While these yearnings may seem unwanted and even foreign, they are perfectly normal.

The key is to stop worrying about why you and your Gamer Man are experiencing this seemingly rough patch, but instead accept each other as living, breathing, biological creatures who are probably both mammals. You may want to consider therapy (preferably couples therapy but any old therapy will do in a pinch, even physical therapy), a weekly date night (dates are a healthy, low calorie snack), and lots and lots of alcohol.
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Aug 262015

Dear DDOGamer: More Charts Please?

DDOGamer is always ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Even ones that aren’t really questions, like this one from astute reader XXX, posted as a comment in the article Fun With Graphs: Named Weapons By Type

Now that you have the data at your finger tips maybe you can make some more charts?
Here are a few ideas:
– One handed, two handed, thrown, ranged
– Power types (caster, melee, ranged)
– Blunt, pierce, slash
– Material
– Racial favorite, Diety favorite
– Fineshable / non-fiseshable
– Number of augment slots: 0, 1, 2 or 3 (I don’t think we have more)
– Augment types: Red, Orange, Yellow or Colorless (I don’t think we have others)

At first glance, there are no relationship questions in XXX’s post. But are there really? Is this message really a cry for help?
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May 292015

Dear DDOGamer: What Clickies Work for Fighters?

As you know, DDOGamer is always ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Even texts! Like this one, from a friend who will remain anonymous, but for the sake of this article I will refer to as “Judye”.

A question for DDOGamer

So many issues inherent in this one question! The anonymous texter feels that her fighter is sub-par. Not only poorly kitted, but also, not uber. What an interesting choice of words! “Uber” (from the German über, note the umlaut) is not a simple statement of what a fighter has or has not, but rather, reflects the entire gestalt of the character and (more importantly) the person playing it. Our texter has embedded important aspects of her self-image into this collection of pixels and subroutines.

And that is the heart of the issue; it is not fightery equipment, it is self-doubt. Fight the self-doubt, anonymous texter! You exist, you yearn, you create: you are already good enough! You do not have to strive to be über, anonymous texter, you already are!

Or maybe she just wants a list of clickies.
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