Apr 192016

DDOCast - A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOCast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

You would think they would learn but apparently they do not, and there I was, invited back to DDOCast again.

This time it was for debates, on a variety of topics that, as it turned out, were really not all that debatable. For the most part everyone agreed on everything!

So agreeable! So non-debatey!

But also, so listenable and even (mildly) informative! Not the parts where I was talking, of course, but never fear, my contribution is a very small percentage of the total. You can just fast forward to the good stuff.

DDOCast 426 – the least debated set of debates EVAR!

🙂 😀 🙂

Jan 042016

DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

If you’ve ever wondered just how many people can you fit into one podcast – and who hasn’t, really? – the answer appears to be seven. Seven podcasters podcasting.

This week is the DDOCast annual recap, where we look back at 2015. Sometimes fondly, sometimes not so fondly, yet lots of looking back nonetheless. And with seven of us spouting opinions, I think it is fair to assume that there will be at least one opinion in here for everyone. No matter what you think, I am confident you will find your thoughts represented in here somewhere.

Did I mention that there were seven of us?

Patrick, Asheras, Axel, Bonnie Bew, Evennote, Vooduspyce, and I. Plus Propane too, even though he had bandwidth issues and participated by note only.

Lots of information, lots of opinions, and lots of fun.

DDOCast 412 – everything you ever wanted to know about DDO in 2015, and plenty more. Check it out!

🙂 😀 🙂

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Nov 112015

From the Mouths of the Devs

DDOCast 405 was another in the recurring series of “Ask the Devs”, where one or more Turbine developers make themselves available and Patrick asks them questions.

There have been many Ask the Dev segments over the years, but generally, they are not very informative. The developers are wary as they aren’t allowed to “leak” information, DDOCast is wary as they want to be able to re-invite the developers in the future. All that wariness adds up to not much substance coming out. Interesting flavor and backstory, sure, but little beyond that.

Until now. This one, DDOCast 405, was chock full of information about the upcoming Update 29. Chock full. Whatever that means (full of chock? Full up to the chock level? Whatever the chock level might be?). Vargouille, Steelstar, Knockback and Cordovan seemed to be taking turns seeing who could spill the biggest dish.

But I digress. Hold onto your chocks, astute readers, here are the best bits of the entire 45 minute conversation, distilled down to the critical essence.
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Apr 272015

DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

More Debates! More Topics! More me!

Oh wait. Only the first two of those three are actually a good thing. Nonetheless, Patrick – apparently a huge glutton for punishment – keeps inviting me back to DDOCast. And I keep going.

This time Teacher Syn, Chai, and I debate a variety of topics. No theme, just a grab bag of everything.

The debates are kind of fun. But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself! And not just debates either, there’s a bunch of game news and all the usual bits.

Bonus points if you can guess who won? Finally? In a (not very) thrilling come-from-behind finish on the very last debate topic?

DDOCast 379. Go. Watch. Enjoy.

🙂 😀 🙂

Mar 172015

DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

Have some time to fill? And by some time, I mean, quite a bit? A full two hours plus? Because if you do, have I got a DDOCast for you!

It’s been awhile but there I am again, yammering away like I have any idea what I’m talking about, as if anyone might care. Patrick and VooduSpyce are yammering too, but of course they are supposed to, it hardly counts as yammering at all. More like … elucidating?

But I digress. It really is a loooong DDOCast because we cover so much territory. Lots of game news, lots of rogue enhancements and developer comments, lots of mimic hunt event. We are more than an hour in before we even get to the main topic, improving your character’s offense.

No worries though, we still talk about it in detail, every kind of offense, every kind of detail. Many, many details.

But don’t take my word for it. Go listen. DDOCast 374 – Improving Offense.

Just don’t be in any sort of hurry when you do.

🙂 😀 🙂