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Feb 142017

It seems that my eldest son has somehow become enthused about beta-testing DDO the Card Game. Is he humoring me? Being polite to the old man? I think not, this seems to be coming from someplace of his own, it is not like I am asking him how he feels about it, he is volunteering all of this even when I am talking about other things altogether.

So there’s that.

What do you say when one of your children (no he’s not a child) kids (no not that either) umm … progeny? … wants to participate in something of yours?

You say yes.

So, ready or not, it’s beta time here at DDO the Card Game.

In order to play the beta test version, you need:
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Feb 062017

Playtest For One


DDO the Card Game revision 2 is up and running; cards printed and received, rules refined and ready, nothing left except for actual playing.

There was even time available, something that had not happened in the last several weeks. And so I found myself checking out the claim that the game could be played solo.

It plays quite differently when you are by yourself. It is always your turn. The distinction between the Banking Phase at end of one turn is easy to conflate with the Build Phase of the next turn.

But the biggest difference is that you can play with a single Hero and build it up to crazy-high levels. You can use a single Hero in the multiplayer game too, but when you do there is a risk that your Hero will be part of a failed Quest, return tapped, and you won’t have any Heroes available to send on one or more quests.
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Jan 102017

I’d rather post these directly, but I can’t get the formatting right.

I took someone’s advice and checked out the way that rules are formatted and organized in some of my favorite games. A couple of them had this dual-column layout where the rules were in the main column, with commentary and additional information in a smaller secondary column.

I really liked that. But it is hard to show here as a blog page. So I’m not trying. Click the link, see the rules.

DDOtCG Rules 2.0

I hope that some brave soul will have the time to take a pass through these and provide comments and criticism.

Any brave volunteers?

🙂 😀 🙂

Time Passing

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Jan 092017

On November 22nd, I wrote

Cutout paper or printed cards, either way, you will want to wait for Round Two when I’ve finished applying the lessons learned to-date.

Sometime next week.


And that seemed about right at the time, maybe it would go another week, but probably not. I had no idea that I really meant six weeks. Six weeks! And I am still not in playtest round two.

I wonder why this is all taking so long? I mean, I know why, there were a lot of changes and I only have an hour a day to make them. Less really, because I don’t write about the game every day, and never on weekends. So … lots of work to do and not very much time to get it done.

Back in April when I first started this I thought I was almost done; I figured out how the game would work, and I thought that was the hard part. Except no, it was only the first of many hard parts.
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