Jan 112017

Sometimes, it seems, my disco balls exceed the bounds of pure energy and realize as matter.

That is a hard sentence, let me take another shot at it.

Last night, while running Let Sleeping Dust Lie, I cast Otto’s Sphere of Dancing in a spot where monsters normally drop from the ceiling. Except last night instead of dropping, they were stopped cold by the outer limits of my sphere, dancing on the top, never actually penetrating into the space below where we waited.

This wasn’t a problem, actually it was quite the bonus, and one which I wish I could use again in other situations. Our group was well-equipped with ranged DPS and instantkill spellcasting and no monster could stand, or dance, anywhere that we could reach. Which was everywhere.

I tried to get a shot of one of the ogres dancing on top of the Otto’s Sphere, but I never could, we killed them too fast. I did get a pretty cool shot of one lying face down on the shell:
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Dec 022016

I don’t know why I find this so fascinating, but I do. The myriad colors? The soothing bass line? I don’t know.

It’s not a good candidate for a GIF, it’s more of a Vine clip (except Vine is going away) but regardless, for good or bad, here it is:




🙂 😀 🙂


Jan 242016

The Mizzazone 2

So Im back with another blog! Why? I dunno. Cause I can be. Thats why! So sit down and SHH! Also, put your hat on. Seriously. Cover that head up.


So, Ive been fairly more active playing online lately. A decent mixture of DDO, LOTRO & some STO thrown into the mix. So not too bad.

On DDO, I finally broke out my Shadar Kai and played her for the very first time with Comic and George on… Tuesday(?). We did many thousands of quests where I fell quite in love with the class. I made her up to be a dual weilding dagger using stabby you in the back character and oh my goodness she does damage like a beast! So far its been a fun class to play and a nice break from my usual. Well, kind of. I mean, she is still a melee character. But shes different from my other Rogues, so theres always that. I am definetly looking forward to playing her more in das future. At some point Im definetly going to play a Morninglord. I mean, I gotta buy it first, but I will. Someday. I WILL! And I will be awesome. Im always awesome. But thats not the point.
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Dec 172015


The absolutley adorable, super cute, mostest amazing, awesomely awesome…. blahblahblah… Mizzaroo is back after twenty years to write another blog after whats been about a million years.

SO! Mizzaroo(thats me) has been a busy busy bee. So busy. Always so tired. Energy drained. Dead. Well, Im alive. But Im dead. So dead. Well, not right now, of course. If I was dead right now I wouldnt be writing a blog. Id be in bed dead. HEY THAT RYHMED!!!

So a few months back I got a new job. It has me waking up early(especially so now) and coming home just so sore and tired and dead. But its a good job. I like it. I like the people. Wish I had more hours. But meh. So, pretty much I havent really had the time to play DDO & LOTRO that Id have really liked to. My hope is that once Christmas(yes, CHRISTMAS) passes, Ill have the energy to really get back onto them.

What I HAVE had energy to play though are my Xbox games. Of which I now have too many. TOO MANY. Also Im broke. Because I have too many games. Id been saving up little bits of money leading up to Black Friday in hopes that thered be a goodly number of games going on sale that Id want. Sure enough, there was! And a Happy Natalie I was. And then a broke Natalie I was. Total Ive spent probably over $300 in the weeks since Black Friday scooping up every game deal I could.

All together I got The Orange Box(Half Life 2, Portal & Team Fortress), Bioshock 1 & 2, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor(GOTY), Fallout: New Vegas, Homefront, Madden & FIFA 16, Destiny: The Taken King(Legendary Edition), Halo 5, Dying Light, State of Decay, The Witcher 3 + Expansion Pass, Medal of Honor, Rare Replay, The Elder Scrolls Online(Basic), Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat Out of Hell, Halo 3: ODST, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, EA Sports UFC and Fable: Anniversary. For movies: 28 Days & Weeks Later, Divergent, The Expendables(Extended), Tomb Raider, Red and Halo: The Fall of Reach. Books(both are Graphic Novels): Blood Crimes and High School of the Dead(Vol. 1). Finally today I bought a board/card game called Pandemic after asking the mister Geoff Hannah about it and him giving it a short but glowing review. So… Yeah. Im broke! But it was totally worth it.

On DDO recently, I bought and created my very first ever Iconic class. Those of you whove been following my blog(all ten million of you) know I just HAD to get Shadar Kai. Seems like itll be a fun class when I finally get around to being able to play it. Havent been able to do to much on LOTRO with Comic due to the whole work thing. And my last minute ‘I cant play today’ things(Im an asshole. I know.). Normally Id be mentioning NWO(PC version) but for some reason I cant play it anymore without epic amounts of lag. I have no idea what exactly has changed between now and when I was able to last play( early/lateish this or last year) but now I just cant seem to do anything on it. Which totally sucks. But thats life! All that matters is me and Comic are almost level 20 on LOTRO and havent died yet! Though I think my tendency to jump off of cliffs and cliff like things worries him a little.

Well, that about sums it all up for this blog. Not too much to report. Except that Im still awesome and miss playing with you guys. Though not as much as you guys miss playing online with me. Because Im awesome. There need not be any other reasons than that. I. Am. Awesome. There. That simple.

Thank you all(ten million) for reading! Hope you have great days/nights!


Apr 182015

The Mizzazone 2

Well hello peoples! I am a Mizzaroo and I am returned to GamerGeoff.com! Why, you might ask? Well, it seems peeps were having trouble getting to or commenting on my blogger blog so I said eff it and came back here because that’s what I do and I do what I want.

So, what have I been up to since my blog…. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! Except this is a blog about me so I guess that’d make for a short and more boring blog than I’m sure it’ll already be. I mean, right now all I’m doing is typing in words as they pop into my head to give the illusion that my blog is just oh so big and full of interesting tid bits! But in fact, its really quite empty. Yet you keep reading anyway. What? Don’t you have better things to read, like a book? Maybe National Geographic? No? Okay.
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