The Age of Warlocks

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Jun 182015

The Age of Warlocks
Once again the internets are filled with bytes and bits of a new DDO update, speeding their happy way through webby pipes and tubes to the DDO servers, and eventually, to each of our personal computers. Happy bits and bytes, full of DDO goodness.

In this case the DDO goodness comes in a particular flavor, and it is Warlock shaped. The entire Update is a new class. All of it. New content and so forth is postponed till (at least) July, partitioned into an entirely separate Update that will probably be named something Shavarath-y since rumors and hints (and producer letters) portend Shavarath-based content.

But that is for later. For now, we have warlocks, in three flavors:

  • An evil demon-based warlock that seems to be most specialized in eldritch blasting
  • An evil cthulhu-based warlock that seems to be most specialized in … I am not certain. Spellcasting?
  • A chaotic fey-based warlock that seems to be most specialized in melee and melee support

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Jul 032014

Haunted Halls Victory
It says something about a quest, that when you finally beat it,
you are so pleased with yourselves that
you feel the need to pose for a screenshot

I have to be upfront here and admit that I was getting a little depressed about the direction of the game. “Depressed” is too strong of a word. Dismayed? I still cannot find the right word to describe the state. I even started a forum thread describing the source of my angst, titled “Drifting further from Dungeons & Dragons“.

But then I entered the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. Suddenly, just that quickly, all is right with the world again.
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And Another Thing

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Feb 182014

My very favorite thing about Dungeons & Dragons Online is that it is Dungeons & Dragons. My second favorite thing is the richness of the detailed D&D version that exists within the game. So rich, that here I am, eight years in, still finding wonderful new things. Still, all these years later.

I’ll share, but first, some background.
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Jan 312014

Ruminations on Dungeons and Dragons, brought on by the game’s 40th anniversary

MirandaI loved playing Dungeons & Dragons so much that I didn’t want the sessions to stop. If I didn’t have anyone available to play with, I would sit by myself and roll up characters.

That sounds sad and lonely but not to worry, it got better, much better.

And it left me with a huge pile of differing characters. I came across the pile again recently and I found it interesting to see the evolution of my character naming and creation skills over time. Some of these names are truly cringe-worthy, but go gently, I was young and knew no better.

My first character was named Bar Geoffrey because (1) I was assigned the role of cleric and that sounded vaguely like the name of someone in a holy order and (2) I had no idea what I was doing. “Roll these dice six times, write down the numbers, and then give it a name”. Not much to go on. I added “of Assissi” because again, the monkly thing. Bar Geoffrey de Assissi.
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Jan 302014

Ruminations on Dungeons and Dragons, brought on by the game’s 40th anniversary

Black Dwarf VillageAn underground village full of eeeevvvil Black Dwarves (before there were “Duergar”)

I was looking for something else recently when I came across a pile of my old adventures. Indoors, outdoors, campaigns and cults, all kinds of old hand-drafted material. Much of it cringe-worthy, but not all, and some of it seemed like a form of strange nerdy art.

Time has dulled the edges of my nerdish angst. Things that I would not have been willing to share outside my circle of similarly-inclined now seem like fair game. Among my friends, these would have embarrassed me by being amateurish. Among my non-friends, these would have embarrassed me by existing; proof that I was a heavy Dungeons & Dragons player.
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