Aug 272015
Gaming through the eyes of innocence

Gaming Through the Eyes of Innocence

This isn’t really my story to tell, this one belongs to my friend Judye, she of the blog Confessions of a Geek Mom, as it pertains to her daughter and her ongoing introduction to DDO.

But I was there, and I was the raid leader, so I have some claim to this story, even if only on the fringes of where it intersects with my own experience. If you want the whole story, straight from the Geek Mom’s mouth (or pen, or more probably, keyboard), you can get it here. I urge you to do so, Geek Mom has a unique and funny voice and I’d be reading it regularly even if it didn’t emanate from a personal friend.

But I digress. This is not about Judye’s most-excellent blog, but rather instead her most excellent daughter. Who is eleven? Twelve? I think twelve. And who joined us for guild night Tuesday, in a spontaneous rather than planned event, that on the spur of the moment we decided to turn into a raid. Her daughter’s first raid. Once the idea got out (I do not remember who initiated it), I waited until it was clear that Mom was on board with the whole thing. She shepherds her daughter through DDO rather gingerly, avoiding the potential for griefing and abuse by avoiding other people. Her daughter’s DDO gaming has been a sheltered, insular thing, at least to-date.
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