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Mar 212016

Dear DDOGamer: Make Me a Fiery Wolf That Punches Things
I feel like I’ve said this before, but just in case, DDOGamer is ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Especially the relationship questions. Like this one, from astute DDOGamer reader Wiliam “Godsmaker” Carter:

Hey Geoff. I’m not sure if you remember me but i used to be apart of the Halfling Commandos. I just wanted to let you know that I really love your site, especially the Character Builds.

Of course I remember you godsmaker, how could I forget one with such impeccable taste and faultless judgement?
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Mar 042016

Gnome Assassin

It seems that it is still the Week of Gnome Builds here on DDOGamer as we examine a third detailed character. This time, a pure-class Rogue.

As it happens, this is not theorycrafting, but rather real-crafting (is there such a thing?) as I have a character that I have already TR’d into level 1 of this build. The character has one past life only (Rogue) and +3 tomes in all stats.

But even so, I think this would work on a first-live build too, and am including starting stats for a 28-point build. If you want to play this on a first life, be aware that you’ll need to imbibe a +1 tome of Dexterity before reaching level 9.

DDOGamer accidentally presents: A week of Gnome character builds

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Mar 032016

First Life Gnome Eldritch Knight
It is Gnome build week here on DDOGamer, as Count Babcula posts a Deep Gnome Illusionist build, followed by me and this Eldritch Knight, and soon (or at least, soonish) to include a Gnome Assassin.

Gnomes everywhere. In fairness, you were warned.

DDOGamer accidentally presents: A week of Gnome character builds

This one is for my Gamer Girl. She wanted something different, something to play with our Torchwood friends on Torchwood nights, something that didn’t worry about end game or epics because she doesn’t think it is likely this character will ever get there. Being played probably only once per week, I see her point, but tried to figure in end game capabilities too, because reasons. Like, things change, I’ve run bank characters up to cap, who knows what might happen.

But I digress. Let’s talk build details!


  • It must have a frontloaded power curve; this can not be one of those late-blooming characters that only gets good in Epic
  • Does not have to be overly self-healing; there will always be a cleric in accompaniment
  • Has to be able to really contribute; my Gamer Girl hates it when she feels like the group is carrying her character

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Jul 082015

Introducing the FeyBuckler

12/5/3 Warlock/Bard/Fighter
Chaotic Good Halfling

This is intended to be an end-game build. The main features are

  • Effective DPS via single weapon fighting and swashbuckling
  • Effective song-based crowd control and Coup De Grace
  • Multiple auras that provide DPS, debuffs, temp hit points, party DPS buffs, and healing

This build would be even better with maximized sonic spell power but I am out of feats and enhancements; I’ll have to make do with gear-based sonic spell power and sonic lore.

I am very excited about what will happen when the Fey aura, the Consecrate/Sacred Ground/Crusade effects, and Forced Escape all go off at the same time!

But enough talk. Here is the build:
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Jun 262015

Walking the Earth, incompletely

So Mawry Haversack (the original Halfling Commando) has temporarily shed the skin of the Intel Commando and is now walking the earth as a proto-FeyBuckler. And by that I mean that her stats are laid in (which of course they must be for the character to exist at all) and she has taken one level in each of Fighter, Bard and Warlock.

But her ultimate shape remains undecided; she walks the earth, but lightly and incompletely, so that I can earn her bits of experience while I try to design her final state.

This should not be such a difficult task, nor take so long, but I am hung up on a couple of important questions. Maybe you all can help.
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