cannith manufactory

Jul 052016
quari forge

The Quar-Forge.

Something is going on below the calm facade of the House Cannith enclave in Stormreach. Something big. Something Powerful. Something Alien.

Something Quori.

But setting aside all that lore, it just looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Marriage is in the air again, but this time it’s my youngest son Jay who has totally overachieved and won the heart of the lovely and vivacious Bre. Naturally, I and the Gamer Girl are winging our way westward to watch all of the wedding-related fireworks.



Fortunately for you, this means no one is home to inflict your daily ration of uselessness and inanity. However, all good things must come to an end, even this, and you can expect (dread?) a resumption of the usual tripe (drivel?) on Friday July 8.

Feb 052013

Smite Chelena, Smite!
All it takes to be badass is one weapon. If it is the right one.

Some quests demand a specific weapon. Something with Good on it for the Delera’s chain. Something with adamantium for Jungle of Khyber. Something for the portals in the Shroud.


But no quest or adventure area in the game is so weapon-myopic as is the House Cannith Manufactory, and for that matter, most of the quests contained therein.

You must have a Smiting weapon. You just must.
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