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Jan 042017

Something happened this most recent New Years Eve. Something bad. I played Rancyd Danzig, my bard who was re-cast in the Feybuckler mold several months ago and who has been rarely touched since if at all.

Playing Rancyd should not be bad. I like the Feybuckler build, so much so that when Mawry finished with it and reincarnated back into a Commando build I reincarnated Rancyd for this specific purpose: recast from scratch just so I would continue to have a Feybuckler to play.

But it isn’t going well. Rancyd – who is level 24 – got creamed in Epic level 24-26 content. Just creamed. He was dead more than he was alive, and even when alive he was not really that much help. Fortunately most everyone was drinking and maybe didn’t notice. But I did and it was quite bad, bordering on embarrassingly bad.

It makes sense that Mawry would make a better Feybuckler than Rancyd. Mawry is a completionist who also has several Epic Past Life feats. Rancyd was on his first life when I decided instead to remake him. At level 24, this is the highest level he has ever achieved.

But still, should he be this bad?

And then I looked at his gear. Oh, yeah. That.
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Oct 292016
A Pen, a Pineapple... an Apple and a Pen? Uh! Is this a House Sivis thing?

A Pen, a Pineapple… an Apple and a Pen? Uh! Is this a House Sivis thing?

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. Dear Turbine, in an effort to bring the magic back into the system please create Crafting Goodie-Bags that can be sold in the DDo Store or looted in game. The bags will contain everything a player needs to create a specific Cannith Crafted Item. The player, regardless of crafting level can now go straight to the crafting hall, plop the bag into the machine and receive an awesome “community approved” item. This will also allow you to slip in “for a limited time” or perhaps festival related recipes. Yay!

Bags should be flexible in that they can be pulled apart(where possible)for the individual ingredients, allowing the players to apply the ingredients to other effects which they may prefer.

Aug 242016

Deconstruct all of these!Update 32 approaches – we even have a date for it now – bringing with it new content (yay!) and an all-new bright and shiny Cannith Crafting system.

Yay especially for the new content!

But there is a drawback. It seems that all of your existing Cannith-crafted shards are going to become worthless. Not convertible into essence. Not usable. Just junk, that you will have to throw away to free up bank space.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Cordovan’s announcement:

When Cannith Crafting is updated in Update 32, old Cannith Crafting shards will no longer be compatible with crafting machines. Players can currently convert their unused shards into Essences, and should do so prior to the release of Update 32. Old Cannith Crafting shards will not be able to be converted into essences when Update 32 is released.

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Aug 152016

The very first, most preliminary version of Update 32 is available on Lamannia right now, as I write this, for preview by those players who are preview-minded.

The preview does not yet include any content, just systems work and bug fixes. Ho hum, right? No, not at all, this includes our first look at the new and improved Cannith Crafting system! Not ho hum. Hah HAH!

lamannia client

The new Lamannia game client has a Copy button

The first difference is apparent immediately – character copy has been built directly into the game client. No longer something you do from a webpage on, the client itself has a “Copy” button built-in. Clicking Copy takes you down a path where you select which servers you want to copy From and To, something that looks to have been built with an eye toward the future, when maybe we can transfer servers ourselves.

But for now the only To choice is Lamannia, and soon I have several of my best characters there for testing. Except … testing the new Cannith crafting is not very rewarding. The machines look the same as they always have. My Crafter, Coin, now only has one school of crafting, rather than the three she had before, but even that is displayed on the same Crafting character tab as it has always been, in the same place, looking the same.
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Jul 112016

Update 32 Preview: Less Crafting, More Constructing
Last week, Turbine developer NoWorries posted more information about the upcoming rework to the Cannith Crafting system. I am a little bit late to the table in talking about it, but hey, I was on vacation. And things happened. And … well … better late than never?

First, a brief recap of what we know already:
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