Oct 202016

It seems to be Random GIF Week here on DDOGamer as I keep coming across video captures that I’d made earlier with the intention of sharing but never got around to actually posting.

This next one did not condense as much as I would like, weighing in at a hefty 3MB even in preview mode, so I am going to post it below the jump; depending on how you got here and what software you are using to read this, you will have to click “Continue Reading” to actually see the GIF.

Even that is only the preview, the full-sized version is 11MB. You can see that too – and I urge you to do so, I found it quite striking, which I suppose is why I am sharing it in the first place – by clicking here. Or by clicking on the preview image, below.
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Dancing With Myself

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Oct 182016

This giant mirror is my second-favorite thing about Update 32.*
For some reason, it catches me by surprise every time. I race up, expecting to have a four-way intersection, but no. The path remains linear, it is only a giant mirror.

I wonder if there is some new tech involved? We’ve had mirrors before, but never one like this, very bright, high fidelity, very very large.

Pretty reflection
Serves only one true purpose:
dancing with myself

Not that this is a bad thing, not at all. I like it when dancing breaks out.

Even if only dancing for one.

🙂 😀 🙂

*This is my favorite thing about Update 32

Apr 272016

As a child you are always told that if you want something bad enough, and are willing to work for it hard enough, you can get it.

Hah! As if!

Remember “The Little Engine That Could”? I think I can, I think I can? Shameless propaganda.

But I am not bitter. Not even all that disappointed. But this incarnation of the Halfling Commandos is simply not going to beat Mark of Death.

Okay maybe I am a little disappointed. But only a little. The fun was in the trying, and we tried like crazy.


Is everyone here?

Is everyone here?

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Feb 192016

On Tuesdays we run what is essentially a static group, Halfling Commandos all, but with most of the roll staying invariant from one week to the next. We’ve been doing Sagas, one quest at a time, knocking off two or three every Tuesday, working this batch of first-life characters to cap.

We are not there yet. We finished the last Saga this week but are still only level 29; we’ll have to finish off with non-Saga quests. But that is not the important thing about this; because we are running Sagas instead of high-XP quests we are hitting every quest in the game. All of them. Including quests that some of our group had never run before.

And that is the important thing, I am learning, that. How much better the game is when you are (1) experiencing content for the first time, or (2) accompanying people on their first runs and allowing them to actually explore and discover. When people are excited and engaged, it is contagious; everyone becomes excited and engaged. And nothing is more exciting and engaging that discovering a fun quest for the first time.

I guess, by agreed-upon forum definitions, that I am talking about “flower-sniffing”. So be it, I do so unapologetically; the first time you encounter new content it is appropriate to take your time, to explore the nooks and crannies, to discover the optionals and secret doors and whatever else the quest may be hiding. Or not hiding, as the case may be, but the only way to know is to check. So check. Or, if you are the vet, let them check.

Speed runs can be fun too, but it is a different fun. And frankly, a lesser one. Yes, it is challenging to see how quickly you can complete a puzzle. But it was more fun to figure out the winning configuration in the first place. What does this puzzle do? What happens if I do it wrong? The final rush of endorphin when you get it right!

But all of this requires something:

New content.
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