Sep 292016

DDO The Card Game - Clerics


This post is part of a continuing series where I present my ill-formed thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game to you for review and suggestion.


In DDO, bards are the Jack of all Trades/Master of none type. Or at least they were at game launch. Able to cast any spell, use any weapon, and fill any party role except trapsmith, their best strengths were their flexibility and the unique things they could do for other members of the party.

Then the game changed and flexibility became less desirable. Then it changed some more, and the unique buffs failed to scale, meaning no one cared, and the poor bard was left on the shelf, until Swashbuckler was added and we learned that Bards were really just a Melee class all along.

Except no. DDO the Card Game is based more on the game launch version than it is on today’s version, and so is the bard. Cast any spell. Equip any weapon (for Warchanters anyway). Add value to the party through unique buffs.

Flexibility and support. That is what a bard is supposed to be, and that is the bard of DDOtCG.

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Aug 202014

So the other day I tweeted asking for some thoughts about a 1/2/17Fighter/Rogue/Bard Life as a Purple Dragon Knight. I got a lot of good feed back, and I think I have settled in on a 2/2/16 Ftr/Rog/Bard PDK build.

I used Ron’s Character Planner (version 4.20.2) and tweeked the build export file to show the Single Weapon Fighting Feats and my Feat options/thoughts for level 18. I should point out to that this build does not reflect the entire enhancement selection, as Swashbuckler has not been added to Ron’s Character Planner yet ( i even checked to see if there was an updated version prior to starting my build and making this post).

Overall goals are for a Bard Past Life, Swashbuckler focused, Evasion build with a lot of Dodge with the main focus on hitting hard and often, and not getting hit. I am planning on taking the buckler option for my Swashbuckling Stance for the 10% Dodge. I’d like to splash in some Spell Singer and see if I can get some of the Sonic SLAs as well. Not sure if I will do much if anything in the fighter trees, but may look at the Assassin tree for some more sneak attack and the Kensai tree for some bonuses to hit and damage with light blades and some more dodge if I can.
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Jul 162014

The Patch of the Bard
Today is patch day, and unlike many patches, this one is chock full of new stuff; not just bug fixes but actual new material in the form of rebuilt Warchanter and Spellsinger enhancement trees.


It won’t affect me personally very much, I have a bard but he is not in my heavy rotation. I’ll juice him up with the new stuff regardless, but then he’ll most likely head back to my virtual bench, where he will wait till a day I need an upper level Heroic crowd controller to accompany some specific group or another.
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Jun 092014
  • Answer 1: None, no one wants Bards in their group when they have to do any kind of Epics.
  • Answer 2: One, to buff the guy who is actually changing the light bulb. But no more than one because who needs two sets of the same buff on one guy?

Bards have always been kind of a weird mashup class. Sometimes they are overpowered like in the 1st edition Advanced D&D rules (a multi-class outlier that had to earn levels as a thief and as a warrior before earning any as a Bard). But more often they are kind of wimpy.

Famously so. This is not just a DDO thing.

The problem is their design intent: they are usually designed to be “jack of all trades” kind of characters, ones that are not the best at anything but are very good at many things. Except most versions of D&D (including DDO) do not reward that approach. It is better to be the best at one thing (combat? casting? something) than to be merely adequate even if you are merely adequate at everything else in the game.
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Oct 262011

And now we are five.

Or at least, now we (meaning I) are on our fifth life (meaning I have no real life as it is all being used up by this completionist quest).

Mawry capped again, this time finishing her Bard escapade. As has become traditional, here are her notes from life number four:

Bard meleers have a real problem with DPS

Even warchanters. They just do. You can try to mitigate this in lots of different ways but ultimately, if you want to be a top-shelf hitter, this is not the class for you.

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