Jan 042016

High Priestess M’Saar saw the halfling long before the tiny creature had entered her nest and she feigned ignorance.

A trio of monitor lizards mewled hungrily and M’Saar tightened her control over the beasts lest they spoil her fun. She wanted to watch this sneaking little man die up close.

That the halfling was skilled, there was no doubt in the priestess’ mind. He’d somehow managed to move undetected through the tunnels leading here and her warriors had failed her. She sniffed the air and sensed the warriors nearby, but she resisted the urge to call them.

Her greenish eggs glistened in the faint glow produced by effervescent crystals set around the outer walls of the cavern. Movement inside the eggs sent ripples across fetid pools of water. The halfling made his way past a circlet of eggs to a stalactite that reached from ceiling to floor. She noticed his care in not disturbing the water.
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Sep 242013

This is how I scroll
This Is How I Scroll

There we were, having just completed a particularly long and grueling run through Coalescence Chamber, and no one had a Dimension Door. Meaning, there was a risk that we were going to cap off that long and grueling run with an unnecessary trek through the Vale of Twilight adventure area.

But no, thinks I, I have a rogue with a stack of Greater Teleport scrolls. I’ve been saving them since my Use Magic Device skill isn’t really very good yet, I’ll only have a 25% chance to execute the scroll correctly.

But I have a stack of 22 of them, and the idea of a teleport directly back to Meridia is looking very attractive right now, 25% chance be damned.
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