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Dice and Pencil

Our party started out in the Wayward Lobster.

First is Tisarin, a Halfling Monk, who along with his adoptive father, Oru, an Aasimar Cleric of the Traveler (and don’t tell the father his son isn’t really his natural born son… Oru doesn’t know yet.) have come searching for their deity’s hidden temple, in the famous tavern.

Second, there is Styxel, a Drow Rogue, mysterious as his sort usually are, loitering in a corner.

Finally, there are a pair a Tieflings; Shiek, a Bard, and her grandmother, Flavious the (very) conspicuous, a Sorceress, who enter for a night of fun and entertainment.

All eyes turn toward the door, when a man named Baudry Cartamon enters, shaking his coin purse, and looking for some able bodied, short term help in protecting a shipment…

In reality, there are six friends, sitting around a far too small table, playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

After several weeks spent watching Acquisitions Incorporated with a friend, he desperately wanted to actually play Dungeons and Dragons, live and in person. He’d even offered to find the rule books for us.

Less than a week later, I found myself sitting behind my newly crafted DM screen (a cardboard box I’d carved up with my knife) as he and his two roommates wash up on a shore on an island named Korthos. Being a new DM I was well aware I knew little about creating an interactive world, so I decided to borrow (read: I’m running like I stole something) pretty much everything I put before the characters from Dungeons and Dragons Online, a game I’ve played off and on for about six years.

What happened to that poor party is a story for another time, but we were starting over with a new session one, with two new members, Oru’s real life girlfriend, and her roommate.

After about an hour or so of character creation, we started, and Baudry had some cheap(ish) help.

Now, it is worth noting that in 5th edition, a first level character can, at the very most, have 18 Health Points. My party started out somewhere between 8 and 12 hit points. This is also known as super squishy.

After meeting Baudry’s foreman, Tambor, the party arrayed themselves throughout Baudry’s warehouse; the only one not attempting to hide in the shadows provided by the boxes, was Tisarin who took a position of pride on top of the crate in the center of the warehouse.

Unlike Shiek, who was entirely caught off guard, it should be little surprise to you that out of those self-same shadows, Kobolds scurried from cracks in the walls.

A couple rounds of combat later, a Kobold Shaman entered the warehouse, to see a Halfling standing on the box that Big Guy Hazadill had told him to take, with a bunch of dead kobolds at his feet. One Magic Missile later, and the stupid Halfling was knocked out cold.

Seeing his darling son defeated, Oru leapt to his defense, a cure wounds on his lips. With Tisarin now back into the fight, Oru found himself out of position, and was himself knocked out, by some lucky Kobolds.

The rest of the party defeated the kobolds without any more losses, though there was some muttering of “Another TPK?” as things got slightly hairier as the fight continued with no one who was capable of casting healing magic conscious.

The party eventually defeated the last wave of kobolds, as Tambor finished setting his traps. Tisarin quickly stabilized his father, but was unable to heal him, as was the rest of the party.

In 5th edition, when a character is dropped below 0 Hit Points, provided they weren’t hit hard enough to bring them to the negative of their hit point maximum (which is instantly lethal), then every turn they are required to make a death save. The character rolls a d20, and if the roll is greater than 10, they make the save, but if it is less than 10, they fail the save. A 1 on the d20 gives two failed saves, as does a melee attack from an enemy, and a natural 20 heals the character 1 hit point.

Each time a character goes unconscious, they are 3 successful saves from stabilizing, and remaining unconscious, or three failed saves from death. Unlike 3.5 and therefore DDO, there is no regenerative healing after stabilizing, so Oru was out for the count, so to speak.

Shiek requested Tambor’s aid in getting Oru to safety, which he seemed willing to do, up until she offered the dubious honor of the… companionship of her 69 year-old half demonic grandmother.

For some reason, despite her rather eloquent arguments (she did after all roll an 18), Tambor wanted as little as possible to do with the party afterwards and was incredibly eager to hand them off to his boss.

Since the party was unable to heal him, and Tisarin was unwilling to wait for his father to regain consciousness, he decided his father needed a health potion. The only trouble, was that this was their first adventure, and not only did they not have access to a health potion, but Tisarin, as a monk who had spent the last several years in a monastery, living a life of poverty, simply didn’t have enough cash to purchase the potion.

So he stole it from his father’s unconscious body.

After a long run to Dagwood’s apothecary (he is a Gnome, and therefore couldn’t run as fast), a quickly bought health potion, and a long run back to the warehouse, Tisarin fed his insensate father the healing draught, bringing him around.

Afterwards, Baudry offered them more, if less ethical, work, which the party agreed to assist with for the low, low price of five gold, and a healing potion, for each of them, in addition to anything interesting that they stumbled upon in Hazardil’s warehouse.

And with that we ended our session, agreeing to meet the next Friday.

What happened in the next session, is a story for next week.

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  1. Nice! And welcome to DDOGamer!

  2. Wow! This is awesome. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Looks like lots of fun 🙂

    Even if I’m now fairly familiar with [citation needed] a lot of [DDO] Stormreach content now, I would totally be up to playing it all tabletop!

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