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Surviving DDO's Night Revels

There are some things you need to know about the Night Revels, DDO’s fall festival.

  • They can make everything night time, anywhere in the game
  • You have to like Jack-O-Lanterns. Or at least, you will find it helpful if you do.
  • Undead. Undead everywhere.

The festival is charming, in a sort of Nightmare-Before-Christmas kind of way. Even if you are not a fan of the movie, it still makes for a refreshing change of pace. Unless you are That Guy, I suppose, That Guy Who Hates Everything, in which case you most likely hate this too. Go back to the forums, That Guy, or the Vault, or wherever else you and your overwhelmingly negative cohorts gather. Your kind is not popular here.

But I digress. This is not about positive attitude, or even the lack thereof, this is about the Night Revels and the things that I Have learned about them during their first week.

Top Ten Night Revels Factoids

#10 Jack-O-Lanterns appear in all sorts of unexpected places. Like beholders

A shadow beholder transforms for the Night Revels

Even the plane of Shadow is affected by the Night Revels

#9 Holy, flame, Disruption, ghostbane, and especially, light, are very helpful
#8 Enemies in Delera’s graveyard seem to spawn more quickly as you move by them. Keep moving
#7 The worst key drop rate any of us has seen is 1 key per 20 darkest chocolates
#6 The “sweet spot” for maximizing XP and ingredients is to run the Night Revels quests at five levels above your character
#5 You get incredible amounts of XP the first time through each Night Revels quest, but only marginal amounts thereafter
#4 The most ingredients you can get from one run is 23. Meaning you will need to run all four quests four times each to get any of the augments
#3 A fully-upgraded Cloak of Night costs 1400 chocolates, 480 almonds, 240 apples, 360 caramels and 180 cinnamon. Or about 60 quest runs
#2 You can remove Mummy Rot by applying a Remove Curse and then a Remove Disease. It takes both, in that order

And the number one Night Revels Factoid:

#1 The Liches in the Snitch And the Lich and Kobolds Newest Ringleader are immune to cold, lightning, and all low level spells. Pummel them with bludgeoning weapons


I have a lot of characters, at a lot of levels. Usually this is a drawback, but in a case like the Night Revels it is perfect. Every character earns about the same amount of Darkest Chocolate and keys when running about in Delera’s Graveyard; my level 10 is as effective as my level 28s. Even better, there is a huge XP reward the first time you run each of the Night Revels quests on each character. Huge. As in, over 100K XP for a five-minute quest (at level 35), before potions and bonuses. Having many characters means you can earn that huge XP bonus many times.

And they are all earning ingredients in the meanwhile.

The downside is that I have to learn how to win each quest with each character; the variances are significant. My Feybuckler solos all four of them, trivially easy, even at level 35. Meanwhile, my fastest-fists-in-the-west monk simply cannot survive any of them solo; he has to run in a group. I can beat the Liches one way with my maul specialist, but I have to use entirely different tactics on my artificer. Etc.

I don’t mean to imply that this is bad, quite the contrary, I am finding it fun and refreshing. I am playing characters that don’t get much playtime, even some who have been shelved for awhile due to game changes (the monk, my DC caster). Each of the quests is short enough that it doesn’t drive me crazy when I lose, meaning I am free to experiment and play around. Failure does not frustrate me the way it would after investing an hour or two and lots of resources trying to learn out how to solo VON3 on EE.

Low investment, high reward. Fun.

Even this Mudman champion is getting in on the Night Revels action

This Mudman champion is getting in on the Night Revels action


Win the LAST COPY of The Stormreach Campaign

Enter as many times as you like

I haven’t actually built anything yet. My Gamer Girl wants me to identify build targets so that we can come up with a plan to achieve them, but the prizes available in this festival aren’t really like that. There are some things I would like of course, mainly augments. And I have a few weapons I’d like to get the Festival Solar treatment. But none of that is essential; no crying will occur should I somehow fail to accomplish any of this.

My plan is to just wing it, accompany whomever wants to make the runs, accumulating ingredients as I go, stashing them in the shared bank. When the festival is nearly over, I will cash in what I have, whatever that adds up to. Or doesn’t, if I do not accumulate enough.

My Gamer Girl does not like plans that include the phrase “just wing it”, but so it goes. That is the plan that I have and it will have to do.

The ingredients expire at the end of the year, so I will spend all of them, even if I end up with another giant pile of nothing but Oil of Incandescence.

Not that this would be a bad thing.

Oil of Incandescence rocks.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. How can anybody *not* be a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas? HOW?!?

    • I’ve met them. One of my bosses is not a fan, as is one of my guildies, which makes me 0.o until my eyes bleed. All I have to say to them is: huovjio;sjaiopjikc;ejoajio;jep;avhijan! Also: THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN! PUMPKINS SCREAM IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT! (That’s right, I’m singing it at the top of my lungs!)

      • This is Eberron, This is Eberron
        Kobolds scream in the dead of night….

        Incidentally, if you haven’t experienced it yet, check out Nightmare Revisited, the alternative soundtrack.. includes such gems as this is halloween sung by marilyn manson & korn’s rendition of kidnap the sandy claws

  2. Thanks, Geoff! This helps a lot in knowing what/ how I can run certain things. I’ve tried soloing with my paladins, and The Snitch and the Lich doesn’t end well. Usually with me getting the lich down to near death while I transform into a spinning, floating stone. XD

  3. Factoid #11: If you think you can just stay up on the roof tops in “Snitch and Lich” and range-fight, there are spawning and re-spawning skellies up there, too…no matter which roof you’re on.

    (Oh, and the rest shrine in there really is a “use it or lose it” one – it disappears when the tunnel doors open.)

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