Jan 242016

The Mizzazone 2

So Im back with another blog! Why? I dunno. Cause I can be. Thats why! So sit down and SHH! Also, put your hat on. Seriously. Cover that head up.


So, Ive been fairly more active playing online lately. A decent mixture of DDO, LOTRO & some STO thrown into the mix. So not too bad.

On DDO, I finally broke out my Shadar Kai and played her for the very first time with Comic and George on… Tuesday(?). We did many thousands of quests where I fell quite in love with the class. I made her up to be a dual weilding dagger using stabby you in the back character and oh my goodness she does damage like a beast! So far its been a fun class to play and a nice break from my usual. Well, kind of. I mean, she is still a melee character. But shes different from my other Rogues, so theres always that. I am definetly looking forward to playing her more in das future. At some point Im definetly going to play a Morninglord. I mean, I gotta buy it first, but I will. Someday. I WILL! And I will be awesome. Im always awesome. But thats not the point.

On LOTRO, me and mr Comic have made it up to the epic level of… 22? 23? I cant remember. He has his Hunter and I have my Warden and I AM EPIC! For the most part last couple times, weve spent most of our time in the Barrows. Its a place I both love and hate. I love it cause I like spooky places and I hate it because you cant move an inch without pissing off another enemy. I recently made up a Runekeeper on the game(and got added to my Kin with Comics kind assistance) who Ive yet to really actually play. I do intend to play on him but Ive just been lazy.

On STO, I decided to start a new Feddy Cap’n since my old one was not even through the Tutorial yet. Got her through to the point where she can claim her first ship and colored it pink and purple and named it the USS Natterprise. Yeah. Im so gangsta my spaceships carry my name.

On a side note, Ive found myself playing these games differently than I used to in the beginning of my time playing them during the beginning of time. Ive expressed my love of Elves in Fantasy and my love of Vulcans(pretty much Elves) in the Star Trak universe. And while this had still remained true, Ive found myself more drawn lately to playing as Human characters. It has nothing to do with stats or abilities. It has more to do(I think) with a more familiar feel(ish? I dunno) to playing as a Human.

IN OTHER GAMING NEWS: Normally, Id have played LOTRO with the oh so kinda awesome but not as awesome as me ComicRelief these last couple days. But alas, I was busy. So busy. Busy with what? Being epiclly me, of course! SIT DOWN!!! Ive been spending the last couple days glued to my Xbox trying to finish up beating Halo: Reach on Legendary difficulty(the hardest diffulcty of all times ever). Finally, this morning, I did it. YAY ME! HOORAY!

Lately, Ive found myself in this kind of mood(mode?) where playing a game isnt really enough anymore. Now, I need a challenge. Something that makes me feel both enjoyment and some measure of accomplishment too(along with a fair amount of yelling and cursing at the television screen). The need for that is also whats pushed me into the PvP parts of games. Nothing presents a greater challenge in a game than playing against another human being. Sure, PvP is full of jerks. But its also full of fun and great people to team up with(Im one of those awesome people).

Im trying to figure out how to upload Game Clips from Xbox to YouTube to share in blogs(or whatever) but it looks like I can really only share them to Twitter. Which is fine. I use Twitter. One or two of you who read this follow me and I(probably) follow you on there. But being able to post them on YouTube would be nice too. Ive done alot of badass things while playing my games and wanna share with EVERYONE. Not just a select few. Also, Im trying to figure out how exactly the whole Xbox Streaming thing works. I know I can see myself play over on my computer but Im not sure exactly who else can see too. It could be anyone with Win10 or anyone with Win10 and an Xbox account. I dunno. Just a few things that I gotsa figure out.

Anyhooz, thats it for this blog! Hope everyone has great dayz and stuff!

Mizzaroos Song of the Day

(Sorry for the lack of pics. Next blog! Maybe.)

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  1. I like the video better than the song. What does that say about me?

  2. I can’t remember if you can multi-class in LotRO … but, I gotta get around to trying more interesting builds in the games I play[?]. I see they upped the level cap in STO, maybe I should download/update it again 🙂

    Who are all those Shins on Cannith? I don’t know, but I should try to catch up with you again in the DDO world sometime.

    (I wonder if game streaming is better with alcohol, like sports streaming.)

  3. Oh, and Happy Gnome Year!

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