Sunday Customer Service

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Jun 162015

Well Well a 25%+ XP weekend does take a tool on a person.

Made it back up to level 20 on my main toon Bentor and what did I find……no epic destinies, nada, zip, zilch.

After asking a couple of other people I have played with I figure out it is a glitch.

Put in a ticket on a Sunday afternoon and about 30 minutes latter badda bing!! It is fixed.

All in all I have never really had a bad customer service experience with Turbine, maybe I am just lucky, or maybe people in our instant information society expect instant gratification, who knows.

Either way impressed that it was fixed promptly and even on beautiful Sunday on the east coast!


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  1. Give Credit Where credit is due !

  2. I have generally – though not always – had good experiences with CS too.

  3. I so rarely ticket; thanks for bringing my thoughts back to what for me has always been a more than friendly experience. Sure I’ve had a few tickets that have had long response times but that has never Red Lined me. Quite the opposite; I step back and consider the efforts on the front lines. Thank you to the members in customer service that are able to project the image of a smile during even the most stressful of requests…

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