Jul 012015

Yes ... that is the password

With this much Haggle, you should probably be letting me in for free,
maybe slipping me a twenty for my trouble.

I have been bringing Coin Serf (my Hagglebot with Benefits) along on a lot of epic quests lately. If we are running something epic, whenever the situation does not specifically require someone else, here comes Coin. Sometimes to the dismay of my Gamer Girl, but so be it. I have goals for Coin! And there are times when a man has to do what a man has to do.

Like getting Coin to level cap so she can further maximize her Haggle score.

I recognize the ultimate unimportance of what I am doing with Coin. Haggle doesn’t seem very important, does it? It is barely useful at all, made obsolete when platinum itself was made obsolete. Yes, I can buy Heal scrolls for a fraction of the cost that everyone else has to pay. And yes, I get more for my vendor trash loot than everyone else gets.


No one cares. But that is not true; I care! And so I strive on in my quixotic attempt to boost Coin’s Haggle as much as one can.

Goals, right?

The most recent flurry of play time for Coin is even more frustrating to those who want me to play my “real” characters, because Coin has in fact reached cap again. But she is not taking level 28 yet, not until she has a maxed-out Divine destiny so that she qualifies for the feat Epic Skill Focus: Haggle. Which is only available to those characters that have completed one Divine destiny.

Yes, I am running all of these quests on Epic, sometimes Epic Elite, with Coin instead of a “real” character. All for five more points of Haggle. Deal with it.

A goal can be such a harsh mistress.

But I digress; I’ve talked about Coin’s struggle for maximum Haggle before. This is not about that. This is about the time that Coin’s Haggle was actually helpful!

Over the weekend, while rushing through as many Saga quests as possible to take advantage of the 30% Guild Renown weekend, we stumbled into the quest In The Belly of the Beast. Deep within the Underdark (and the only quest that is in the Underdark adventure area), this quest pits our intrepid heroes against a series of gladiator teams in a Drow-run arena.

Except first one must get into the arena.

“Oh Geoff!” says my Gamer Girl excitedly, “Bring Coin over here! You have to talk to this guy!”

And so I do. “This guy” being the Drow Pelree Cay’vorym, the arena doorman. We must appease Pelree to gain entrance.

And then I see Pelree’s dialog:

Coin Serf finally gets to use her Haggle for Good!

Haggle! There it is, in game! Something Coin can do that is useful for once!

Acting quickly, I begin the checklist involved in maximizing Coin’s Haggle.

  • Haggle hat? Check
  • Evil Drow mask? Check
  • Manual of Stealthy Pilfering? Check

Somewhere around here it is pointed out to me that probably a Haggle of 50 would be sufficient to the task. But no! Coin gets to use Haggle in a quest! And she is going to use all of it, dammit! All of it!

  • Spidersilk Robes? Check
  • Libram of Silver Magic? Check
  • Greater Herosim? Quickly casted. Check

Haggle is 103. I think that is as good as I can get it. I think I am ready.

“(Haggle Roll) The password is 1,000 platinum pieces” says Coin.
“(Success) Yes … That is Indeed the Correct Password” says Pelree.

And so we are in. Do we live? Do we die? Probably die, after all this is Coin, she of the infamous Coin Death-O-Meter (it goes to eleven!), but I do not care. Today, today Coin Serf, Hagglebot with Benefits, was able to apply her Haggle for something in-game.

And now when she dies, she can die happy.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. You should celebrate by going into the mask of deception quest & buying all the cultists in the bar a drink! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh we are never going to hear the end of that…coin=ding. ☺

  3. Geoff I think you are going to have to re-roll Coin to take 2 rogue levels and grab the skill boost enhancement. Otherwise She is just leaving 6 haggle points on the table.

    • OMG you are right! I have the rogue levels already … WHY DON”T I HAVE THE SkILL BOOST!

      Will correct this grievous oversight immediately.

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