Jun 052012

You may have noticed the newly-announced Stones of Experience. They have the ability to take a character that is level 8 and immediately improve that character to level 16, including the appearance of level-appropriate equipment.

My first thought was completely negative – the stones are Pay To Win, it is now possible to get a character almost to cap and only earn one level. Buy Veteran Status 7 and the only level you need to “earn” is from 7-8.

Yes it is a little Pay to Win, but only a little. we could be facing a glut of players who are suddenly at the end game but have no equipment and little idea how to play the game. But these are side effects and will correct over time.

My second thought was excitement, I can finally make some real progress on my Completionist Mawry! But no. The Stone can only be used once per account per server. I can give Mawry one boost and that will be that. Helpful, but not the rocket assist I hoped.

This is not a shortcut for people who are doing Completionists. It does not let someone easily TR all of their characters. One only, and that is that.

Furthermore, it appears that one is to mainly use the Stones on other players, rather than yourself. You earn a bonus Stone the first time you give another player level 16. You earn a unique companion (a Snow Panther Cub) the third time.

There is an obvious point to the Stones but I needed to get through the emotional impact of free XP to see it: Turbine’s intent is clearly to make sure everyone can play the new expansion pack.

So there it is. Almost free level 16, one character per server. Just in time for the June 24 release of Menace of the Underdark. If you don’t have a high level character yet, you will!

I wonder if this means the end of new content at low levels?

p.s. If you are on Sarlona, Cannith or Khyber, have an 8th level character, and want a free boost to level 16, let me know, I can help.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. What a difficult dilemma to choose one char to give that boost.
    But surely it will be a good thing, and a lot o xp for a TR.
    If anyone wants a stone on Cannith I still have 4 to distribute =)

  2. Well the 2 stones I used. One for each account.
    I only took level 15 so they could run the desert slayers. That way they can get 1 point from 17 before they take 16.
    My thought was the free levels might as well just keep one level in the bank.
    Both are 1st lifers so no big deal to cap em now.

  3. omg yes, look up my husband/he works so much overtime and wants to be level 16… on kyber: Flogge Demonster… someone sent him one but had to send it back person has to use it on you… he is loggin in now.

  4. 🙂 I’m also like, I don’t want one. But, I have a toon that I hope to take to completionist one day. Maybe I could skip a few levels with him? But would he get any good gear from it?

  5. @Ronda – logging in now. looking for your hubby [Edit] Someone beat me to it he is level 16 already.

    @Micki – dunno about the gear. Will investigate and let you know

  6. Tis also a curse. I built a bard, was the last specialist class I hadnt made. She’s now 16. No useful favor, no inventory space, no gear and well the list goes on. Oh and I have no idea how to play a bard. At least I have a toon I can LR into something useful down the line.

  7. Bards are easy enough. Most groups just expect them to sing every few minutes, after that it’s a license to pike. I did the same thing just so i would have a haggler to save plat on consumables. She’ll just need to tag along with my main to get geared up a bit and spec for cc/ heals. The xp stone starter gear leaves a lot to be desired 😉

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