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Dec 182014

Rocking the Dark Leaf Light Armor With Utlity Pack (over leathers)
At the quest’s red carpet premier, Mawry rocks Dark Leaf With Utility Pack
and accessorizes with Pinion the Cloud-Piercer

Last night was our first attempt at the new Update 24 content quest Palace of Stone.

We were a little over-level; 21-24 running HE at CR 20. Meaning we didn’t just run the quest; we rocked it.

No spoilers here, but safe to say, the Lord of Stone has a rock star complex.

He’s mildy funny, but only mildly, and most of his jokes fell on stone-deaf ears.

Enter DDOGamer's 3100-Turbine Point contest!We did confirm that a rolling stone gathers no moss. However, put enough of them in a room and they gather a lot of halflings. Flattened halflings.

You can attack them, and in fact sometimes you have to, but they don’t bleed. It seems you really cannot get blood from a stone.

I fell over a cliff once, and hit rock bottom. I couldn’t find how to get back, I had to change my video gamma settings. But that completely worked, and I not only found my way back up, but an optional with a chest as well, killing two birds with one stone.

The bad guys come in large, numerous packs, and there were instances were we where nearly overwhelmed – caught between a rock and a hard place – but one of our guildies is a paladin tank with excellent damage mitigation and he was just solid as a rock.

We defeated every optional, beat down every monster champion, and looted every chest. Victory, leaving no stone unturned.

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  1. Do I mention the bad puns or not?

    Kind of between a rock and a hard place….

  2. Missed the chest in the bottom of the cliff hummmm

  3. All these puns were just not gneiss.

  4. Now you’re just rubbing basalt in the wound!

  5. Puns, good or bad, should not be taken for granite.

    Saal 🙂

  6. I enjoyed the boss, gravelly voice and all. Was certainly not a gneiss guy at all.

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