Stoned. In A Good Way.

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Sep 202013

Mawry and the Wolf
Mawry versus Ruwenzori, the rare winter wolf encounter. Down girl, down! Bad doggie!

I took the Stone of Experience from Otto’s Box. Or rather, my completionist-in-progress Mawry took it, like a giant rune-covered pill.

Boom! Lots of XP coming at her in a burst, 2 million base XP if I am calculating correctly. Enough to hit Heroic Cap on your first life. Enough to jump all the way from level 8 to level 16, even on your third life, or your eighth as is the case with Mawry. Really a lot of XP, but then it should be, Otto’s Box costs nearly 5000 Turbine Points and one would expect a giant bump for such an enormous outlay.

But it is even better than that, because the 2000000 is base XP. Meaning Experience Potions, the VIP bonus, Voice of the Master bonus, and even airsjhip XP all increase the award. As does being on a +XP weekend* if you can time it just right.

And I did. Time it just right.

[Edit] Β fTdOmen states on the forums that I am incorrect, bonus XP weekend does not apply

And so Mawry zooms from level 8 obscurity all the way to rank 91, all at once, and I was able to actually implement the Iron Commando build I wrote about last week.

But now what? We know she is never going to take level 19, but she still has to earn those last four ranks. Which represents about 400,000 XP, not an insignificant amount.

Usually when I am on, I am with my Gamer Girl and we are working one one of our joint leveling projects. But she has no one at level 19-ish at the moment; Mawry is alone for this last bit.

The ideal way to earn XP is to find a group of like-minded individuals who are zooming a high-XP quest. And lo, there is a group that claims to be zerging the Web of Chaos series into Eveningstar; none of the quests are great XP, but if run fast enough it is worth it, and it unlocks Faerun … except no, the group’s version of “zerg” is not actually very fast, and the group falls apart after Lords of Dust.

I am going to have to solo these last ranks, aren’t I?

So … adventure areas? Sure, they are ideal for the player with a few minutes here and there since they have no set start and finish. I can log in, get a few kills and explorers, and log out again all within the bounds of my restrictive schedule.

And so I do.

The Orchard is first. Suck down an XP pot and a Slayer boost and run the circuit for rares. My timing improves for about half an hour, I fall in with a group that is killing the Zombie Caravan and rat piles in quick synchronization, and I quickly rack up 750 kills. I don’t get all the rares, but I get some, and that helps.

I finish the explorer areas on my own, in a separate session. Then, off to the Vale. It takes several short sessions over a few days, rarely more than ten-twenty minutes per play session, but soon I have all of those explorers and a couple hundred of each kind of Vale slayer. Again I get only a smattering of the available rare encounters, but I am not actively trying to complete all of them; they are the icing while the explorers and slayers are the cake. In … maybe an hour altogether? Two hours? Certainly no more than three and probably less than that.

Off to the Reaver’s Refuge. There are four Adventure Areas here, each one quite small, and for the first time it is reasonable to attempt to get all of the rare encounters. One can quickly clear the zone, exit, and reset while in larger Adventurer areas that is much less feasible. Also, in this case the rares have a special, additional purpose: not only do they provide loot and experience, but their loot may contain a special named gem. You need three different special named gems to unlock the Eerie Forest adventure area.

And this is where I am today. Trying to finish off the rares in Reavers Refuge while adding to my slayer counts and collecting each of the named gems. How are we doing? Let’s look at the tote board: halfway through rank 93!

I’ve earned two of the four ranks I need, and only run one quest! This is outstanding. I still have untouched adventure areas too, Shavarath and everything over in Faerun, even if I never find a leveling group I should still be able to cap off this life in the next couple of weeks.

This is going to be the fastest TR life ever.

Pay to win? I don’t know, I had a large pile of Turbine Points just sitting there unused; I felt like I got this Otto’s Box for free. And for that, I certainly got my money’s worth.

But the unexpectedly large pile of Turbine Points is gone now, and another Otto’s Box would cost me actual dollars, something that goes beyond my personal limit of what I am willing to do to level.

That 2000000 XP burst was nice, but not something I am likely to do again.

It was nice though! So nice …

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve always thought questing was a better way to earn XP, wilderness areas always seem to be a tedious method, I get bored easily…

    I should be good at zerging, I play “D&D Spread-Sheet Online”, but I also find zerging boring.

    Either way, good luck with your completionist! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Seems like you need a BBS for your guild to know when you need help.

  2. I only used a stone once and that was way back with free one from motu preorder

    4995tp is not something im willing to buy, i have saved up 3k from leveling but im still missing packs and not sure id wanna use all tht just to skip like 9levels of a life

  3. OR you can take level 19 and do anything you like short of epics with anyone you like upto level 22. IQ with a few low level 20+s is fairly solid xp per min and there are always guildies that have a low 20 that they can’t talk themselves in to leveling up but would like to.

  4. I should mention that ftdomen’s forum comment indicates that bonus XP weekend does not apply to Ottos’s Box stones after all.

  5. You just made me want to TR someone, zerg them to stoning range, and cap them… except I don’t have nearly enough points for a box. LOL

    Nicely done! Let us know when you hit 20. πŸ˜€

  6. There’s never a good time to stone, Geoff. Lets just say that you’ve experimented with the p2w easy button and know that you should never do it again.We’ll take this blog post as a form of public penance πŸ™‚

  7. There is no bad way to be stoned…. πŸ™‚

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