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Curious about any aspect of these little troublemakers? Read on, your answer awaits.

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That's MISTER Bouldershoulder to you, miss

That’s MISTER Bouldershoulder
to you, miss

First, the good part:

  • Using a Stone on a character gives it enough XP to reach level 16, all at once
  • You don’t get the levels, you get the XP. You go to a trainer to take each level
  • You get Action Points too, not just the levels
  • You get a dab of mid-level equipment. A tiny dab. More on this later


  • A dwarf named Bouldershoulders is passing out the Stones in the Harbor next to the gate to the Market
  • He will only give Stones to a character that is 16th level or higher
  • You get from 1 to 5 Stones depending on which version of the expansion pack you pre-ordered. Five for the deluxe version, three for the intermediate version, and one for the standard version
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    Troublesome. But cool.
  • Stones are Bind to Account, and will go into your shared bank space so that you can transfer them to other characters on your account


  • You must be at least level 16 to use one on someone else, and at least level 8 to use one on yourself
  • To use on on yourself, double-click it from your inventory
  • To use on one someone else, put it on your hotbar, select the target, click the Stone. There is a delay (one one-thousand two one-thousand) and then you will see the target explode in a shower of experience (experience appears to be is some kind of fluffy white substance)

Sharing is Caring:

  • If you use one on a character from another account, you get another Stone in the mail from Turbine immediately.
  • If you use three on characters from other accounts, you get a certificate that trades in for an exclusive Snow Panther cub
  • Be careful! Shameless Snow Panther coveters have been known to randomly spam people with Stones who aren’t expecting it. There is a dialog, you can click “No”, but the bad guys can just keep spamming you with the stone until you are out of their range

Pantera’s new Snow Panther: good kitty!

Now the fine print:

  • You may only use one per account per server, ever
  • You must use them before Update 15 launches in August
  • You may not use them on a Druid. Nor may you take Druid levels on a character that has been Stoned (this restriction goes away once you TR the character)


To ensure you are not completely helpless at your new level, you receive a set of items.

* This is a special version of the infamous “turkey leg” club given out by Colam while completing the Mystery of Delera chain. It is still -1 to-hit, but has Greater Good (+2d6 damage versus non-good) and Improved Potency VI.

The provided items contain a selection of must-have mid-level capabilities (Deathblock, Feather Fall, Potency etc) but are noticeably light in terms of melee and/or ranged weapons. Heavy Fortification is a surprising omission.

As an experiment, I upsized my lightly-geared 8th level Dwarven warhammer specialist Roland Giantslayer on Cannith. Fortunately he had a couple of mid-level warhammers already banked, nothing special but he won’t have to punch and kick the bad guys.

Roland is feeling pretty buff
Roland the Suddenly-Buff

Now at level 16, he is a Kensai II with 400 hit points – a solid build, especially for a first life, but no CON item, no STR item, no heavy fort. Still wearing a couple of pieces of Korthos starter gear. I did not have high expectations.

An hour later I have the full measure of Roland at level 16 with Stone-granted equipment. He passes. He cannot carry a weak party, but he can absolutely hold his own. He can solo minor bosses at level on his own, and with just the slightest amount of support (FoM, haste, rage, deathward, anything really) he has the potential to be a beast.

Bottom line: start with a good build, add a decent weapon, and the provided equipment list is adequate. Not outstanding, not even very good, but adequate. And that, by definition, is good enough.

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  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ty for this post. I’m thinking of asking someone to use a stone on my lvl 10 sorcerer. But, the thing is, that he has good gear for his level (mostly crafted stuff). The only stuff I have for him for level 16 is the sora kell set. But, like I might have said already, this is hopefully my future completionist, so I’m not really end gearing for a specific class anyway (I haven’t decided what the final class will be).

  2. Start with a good build he says… okay I’m banjaxed good and proper ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thanks for the info on what you actually get with the bump. Most of the stuff I have is better but there seem to be a few items there that are kind of useful. Especially for a first lifer.

  4. Ooooh banjax! This would be the famous banjo / axe bard weapon that plays bluegrass while hewing enemies? Foggy Mountain Breakdown indeed!

  5. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did it, had someone use one on my sorc and leveled him to 16. Now I just need to gear him and pick enhancements. (didn’t have time to do it when I leveled him) Imo the stuff u get, is junk. ๐Ÿ™‚ The only thing he has use for is perhaps the boots.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ But now I’m at least certain I’m not skipping levels with my new cleric on Cannith. I don’t want her to suddenly be lvl 16 under geared. I mean I spent months leveling and gearing my main on Orien and she’s pretty well geared atm, even though no gs yet).

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