Jul 132012
Heroism Awaits!

Heroism Awaits!

The house was extra quiet this morning as I logged into the game with my sound on.

Trumpets! Brass! Stirring Heroic Music!

How did I fail to notice this earlier? I’d seen the new intro scene of course, but never really paid attention. Now, thanks to the music, I must! The new look is very Faerun – there’s Eveningstar in the background – featuring a dragon(!) and of course the stirring new score.

Very heroic.

Makes one want to get in there and start kicking the butt of evil.

Inspiring music,
dark forests, dragons, danger!
We need a hero

Later all, I have some serious heroing to do.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. When I first saw it, I thought that I had unknowingly logged into a different program… I am very impressed too.

  2. ♪♪ Kill the dwagon! Kill the dwagon!… ♪♪

  3. I *love* the background when you log out in Eveningstar – they need to update the FR one to be equally awesome. Also love the music they have in FR – and when did they get such cool music on the login screen in general? Or did I just never *notice* before? (I had music off for the longest time, but I’m sure i turned it back on before MotU… but I only noticed the login music recently. But I’m kinda oblivious…)

    @CR: But you can’t do it with a spear and magic helmet, ’cause DDO doesn’t have spears! (And no, those new things calling themselves spears but listing as quarterstaves don’t count)

  4. Thats what the log in screen for the new area looks like?! Way cool dude! I wanna hear the music now 😀

  5. 🙂 Very nice. I haven’t left any toon in Eveningstar on log out, so I hadn’t seen it.

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