Sep 282009

The starting user guide is aimed at the person who has not kept a blog before; a demographic that includes me by the way. It’s not a style guide, its not fancy, just the basic nuts & bolts of getting a profile up and running in myDDO.


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I’ve completed my first pass. I would really appreciate if anyone had the time to scan through and double-check to insure there are no gross inaccuracies. Or cute inaccuracies for that matter, I would really prefer there be none at all of any type 🙂

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  1. Just a note on journal entry… be disdain the use of the QuickPress for lack of it’s use as an editor. I just use the “New Post” on the top right-hand side of the “Dashboard.” It places you quickly into the full editor – still not intuitive yet what we have. You’ve done a wonderful service please keep up the great work.

    Later Luv,

  2. Excellent work, I’ll make sure to mention it on DDOcast.

  3. Nice post. Well written and concise.

  4. Agreed,

    Nice post indeed. I think I’ll link it for future use.


  5. @Emili – That is much better! I’ll update the walkthrough tonight.

    @Everyone – thanks for the kind words 🙂

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