Jun 042012
DDO, not just for breakfast anymore!
DDO – not just for breakfast anymore!

I like the web. Not just this little part of the web where we share our DDO thoughts, but all of it.

News, entertainment* , sports, humor. Especially the humor.

* But not entertainment news. How much can one person read about Lohans, Kardashians, and miscellaneous reality TV stars that no one will care about in twenty minutes?

4chan, reddit, tumblr, cheezburger: if you like your humor cute, annoying, sometimes angry, sometimes very very offensive, you know these sites. And you know to be very careful about going to any of them from a work computer!

I’ve noticed a fairly recent addition to those sites that have ads: DDO! Actually I’ve been noticing DDO ads in unexpected places ever since the Free To Play changeover. But I am seeing more now, in more places, than ever.

Need more subscribers?
Hit the right demographic:
I can haz humor

You go, DDO!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It might also be serving that up from your browser/search history. The ads nowadays follow YOU rather than you stumbling upon them. That said, I still think you’re right, and they’ve increased their advertising budget. Always good to see the game grow!

  2. More players to group with/all for it/smile….
    Hack em all up/Adnora

  3. I’ve noticed DDO ads on FB and woot.com, but I figured it was cookie related. They also uncannily show me ads featuring the last cute pair of shoes I considered buying on zappos.com.

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