Feb 212012
Background from the new DDO recruitment page
The current recruitment page image
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(and you should, it is really nice work!)

Ever just type “ddo.com” in your browser and go? If this is your first reference to DDO.com (or first in session, depending on your cookie settings) you don’t actually go to ddo.com but instead are redirected to the recruitment page.

Normally this is not very interesting and certainly wouldn’t merit any sort of mention in this space. No, this space is reserved for way more important topics, like gas jokes and bad haiku that probably isn’t haiku and whether or not I rate my own posts.

But it ranks today. Look at the image. The dragon is no doubt a black dragon, but what about the warrior the dragon is menacing? Clearly an attractive warrior, but then, this is a fantasy game and I don’t recall ever even one time seeing an unattractive heroine in a fantasy genre.

I am going to engage in baseless speculation with no evidence whatsoever beyond the existence of this image: I am speculating that she is some kind of Druid, and this is a not-so-subliminal reminder that Druids are coming in the new expansion pack.

Which leaves a bunch of questions:

  • Is the bikini top coming as an armor kit?
  • Are we getting body paint and tattoos?

Those would both sell like crazy in the DDO Store.

  • Are big boobs a Druid class requirement? Or a class “enhancement”?

Those would both sell very well at the DDO Store too.

Really though, to me this looks like nothing so much as a Halfling Commando! Look at her, very Commando, and not very big (chest notwithstanding of course). The ears are too pointed to be human but not pointed enough for Elf. Too attractive to be half-elf. To thin to be Dwarven, too pale to be Drow, too … fleshy? … to be Warforged.

I think (hope?) the devs are finally embracing the Eberron vision of wild barbarian Halflings and this is a full-on Halfling Commando.

You go, Halfling Commando girl!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It’s actually a cropped image from U11 promo art – http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=362257 So maybe a hint from way back then that they were actually going to be releasing druids in the near future? Though I’m having a hard time picturing a druid wielding a big-ass sword (looks kinda like a Sun Blade to me, so maybe the greenish tinge to the dragon is from more than just about-to-spit-acidness. AIEEEE, DRAGON ZOMBIES!). I’d guess more barbarianish. I mean, just think about Conan, she’s definitely wearing the female equivalent of his loincloth.

    But I’ll admit, having the tats & paint would be cool.

  2. Whatever is happening, I really like the direction DDO is going now. Rune arms and metal dogs just do not have the DnD feel that black dragons, seductive druids and magical settings do (personal preference at least).

  3. she’s half-elf. the person drawing her never played ddo as a half-elf, hence why she’s actually pretty 😛

  4. I wanna play as a DRAGON! Then I could swoop around EATING PEOPLE and RANDOM THINGS and BURN the SHEEP with my FIRE BREATH!!! IM GETTING EXCITED OVER NOTHING!!!

  5. Throw in some peasants and I think you just described Trogdor the Burninator

  6. Mizz can’t wait ’til kobolds arrive as a player race, apparently.

    Racial capstone: Dragon form. ‘Nuff said.

  7. And now it is the opening splash screen. Hello Druid 🙂

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