Sep 142012

Spam spam spam spam spam spam smam bacon spam and eggs
I am getting spam comments on this site every day. Every day.

You can tell they are spam because they have links in their name from users like “Dolce & Gabbana” or “Final Fantasy Downloads”. The comments themselves are usually generic compliments about blogging but are poorly written; the whole point is to get other readers to click on the link in the user name.

This is a little better than the last time I had to deal with spams in that these are really quite obvious, I don’t think anyone will be mislead into clicking themselves onto a malware projector by accident.

Unless you normally buy very expensive fashion wear like Dolce & Gabbana by clicking anonymous links on gaming blogs.

Nonetheless it detracts from the appeal of this site, and also is annoying. I get ten or twenty every day, and I have to suppress them individually.

I have an array of choices available to aid in spam suppression, but I don’t like any of them, which is why none are in place already.

  • I can moderate all comments
  • I can use Captcha to make everyone prove they are human before posting a comment
  • I can require everyone to register before being allowed to comment

Of these three, I personally prefer the last one. I hate to be so restrictive but I have to do something and the other options are even worse. But I may be biased against Captcha, I have difficulty reading it sometimes and it is very frustrating to be unable to prove that I am human.

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah I’m not so keen on captcha either. I did a website for a friend that had some checking for obvious spam in the comments – I think it was mainly checking for links in the comment & refusing it if found. That may limit comments for your site but I can try and root it out for you if you’d like?

  2. aaaand I’ve just noticed your notice below about allowed HTML tags – so that would stuff it up πŸ™‚ Never mind

  3. Yeah. I kinda noticed those comments man. They did make me giggle a little, but only because of the obviousness of them, like you said. Im not a big fan of Captchas, they can be really mean to me, Especially the case sensitive ones where I cant tell if its a lower case c or e. But, if you did that or made it only to where peeps had to register, Id register for your bloogy! πŸ˜€

  4. Really? Your blogoduchy doesn’t have a Spam filter? Seems odd. Well, if you enabled “must be registered”, not sure I’d register (hmmm….some might see that as a plus…) – I hate web pages that make you register to be able to use them. Then again, a blog is a bit different than a manufacturer’s or manuf. rep’s web page. I also don’t like being “required” to provide an e-mail addy, either – but as you can see, there are ways around that one (hehehe – sorry…kinda, but not too).

    Ultimately, up to you. Do what you need to do; I’ll be OK no matter what you decide.

  5. When I came back, only 12 hours later, I had accumulated another 35 spam comments on various posts..

    In response, I’ve activated the most commonly-used WordPress anti-spam plugin Akismet. Hopefully it will help without making me resort to Captcha or login accounts.

    We’ll see.

  6. Oh my goodness. That is alot. Hope it works!

  7. Never show an email address create a link instead.. SPAM SPIDERS will get you

What do you think?

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