Sep 082011

Want to fix your own lottery window so that it has the most recent winners at the top? Apparently DDO forums member Backley first posted this fix tool three months ago but somehow I missed it.

First, go get the greasemonkey add-on here

Click +Add to Firefox. Except that didn’t work for me. For some odd reason I had to right-click the Add button and then select “Open in new tab”.

Once you have the addon, go get Backley’s script here

Click Install

That’s it. Navigate back to your myDDO page and marvel at the properly sorted Lottery winners

Backley’s forum thread has some other scripts for myDDO – I assume the others are as useful – but I was only interested in the lottery winner fix.

And what a fix it is! Thanks Backley!

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  1. *cries* But I use Chrome… and I have so MANY winners to sort. (Just had to say that for Comic’s benefit) ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. @Evennote: I’m not listening…

  3. Does it work with Explorer too? Cause my winners list is SO confusing and this would be helpful.

  4. I was just lamenting this, and you’ve saved my day.

  5. What’s all this racket in this blog…keep it down, I’m trying to look at all my lottery winnings…oh look! They’re sorted!

  6. Sorry Mizz but it appears to be Firefox and Chrome only … and I’m not too sure about the Chrome part

  7. Drat.. Oh well. Maybe someday =D

  8. Just installed it on Chrome and works a treat ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t need to worry about installing greasemonkey, just Backleys script. I’m off to look at his other stuff now ;-p

  9. Weird, I just installed this like yesterday. I also installed his script that excluded servers/characters you don’t use anymore, but 1) couldn’t figure out how to edit it, and 2) realized that, from the looks of it, if I DID figure out how to edit it, the thing I’d most want it to do (exclude a character who I deleted and then used the name again) would probably exclude the current incarnation as well… so less than useful. I’ll just have to hope she doesn’t win the +5 Greater Heart ’cause I’m too lazy to unpick her for every lottery (that, and I’d get annoyed when I went to check my available lotteries and she was the only one there…)

    But the sort one is NICE.

    And Mizz? Get off IE! It’s gonna eat your computer!

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