Sep 092015

This is the first life I have really spent more time in on Epic levels.  Most of the time I have taken my main character Bentor up to 28 (well ok once!!) and Tr’d right back down to level one.

But not this time, there is a master plan (well a loose plan anyway) to get 3 epic past lives this time.  So here I sit as a Monk/Cleric/Paladin hybrid having a good old time!!

Since I normally run Eveningstar Commendations Gear all the way to level 28 (I know I know) I decided that since I was doing three epic past lives it might make sense to try to come up with something a little bit better this time.  Though overall I think it is still hard to beat the set bonus!!

My first epic TR I tried for the Druids Chain Ivy Hand Wraps, 10+ runs and nada thing so I moved on and finished out the life.  This time around after doing some digging on the wiki I decided to go for the Spider Spun Caparison as well as the Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers.  Amazingly about 6 runs in I pulled Jack’s blade, simply unbelievable based on my past attempts to farm anything!

The Spider Spun Caparison took a few more runs and a couple of Terrorweb Chitin Breastplates but I also completed that goal.  Now what to do with it, wait a minute isn’t there supposed to be a way to convert it to one of the set items???



Step one take the time to find the Purple Dragon Knight Patron….another key great….a spotted wolf cub companion pretty cool had not bothered to turn that in before….and finally the rank of Oversword! Similar to the books Cormyr must have a trove of magical items and wizards to help one increase the benefit of their gear.


But wait there is more so many choices, so much stuff, so many different types of commendations….what is this another crafting system!!!

One can upgrade weapons, armor, get cool dragon scale all for the price of some ingredients and various commendations…….so many choices what to do!!!  Do I bother to upgrade my Antipode handwraps??  Is it worth adding the Way of the Sun Soul to the Spider Spun Caparison??  Or should I upgrade the breastplate for my cleric Benthamer……analysis paralysis sets in what is the best use of my limited resources….oh no!!!  and so I DO NOTHING!!!

Why make a decision today when you cant wait until tomorrow or next week!


What do you think?

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