Jul 112013

Mailbox full of joy
Mailbox Full of Joy

Four weeks until GenCon 2013. No Brother this year, just me and my Gamer Girl, cruising Indy, playing games.

I wonder how many PSA’s I will hear this year reminding everyone to PLEASE SHOWER? Once per day, not once per month or once per convention. Some nerdfests are nerdier than others. I wonder if Comic-Con people need to be reminded not to smell badly? I suspect not, I suspect this particular paradigm is the purview of gamers alone. I’ve never found it to be all that bad but maybe I am a mouth breather?

Nonetheless, there we will be, rolling dice and hobnobbing with our fellow gaming enthusiasts.

It is heavenly.

And better, DDOCast will be there this year too! Live, on Friday.

I hope you are going, I would love to meet you there. But if not, never fear, we will take lots of pics and share all the best parts with you when we return.

Did that Smell-O-Vision thing ever really work? Now that would be an interesting way to share the GenCon experience.

🙂 😀 🙂

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