Dec 022009

The leader of the Halfling Commandos is not entirely sold on the “Commando” concept, but is very dedicated to his little sister Mawry.

He signed up to try and keep Mawry out of trouble. As always happens when Mawry is involved, Brymn ended up being the practical one that really runs the outfit.

Brymn is competent and wise, with the practiced charisma of one who is accustomed to being in charge. He grew up expecting to make his living as a warrior but Mawry’s unexpected foray into Commando-ing forced a change in plans: the Commandos needed a cleric.

He tackled this new career direction with energy, much as he tackles everything, but no amount of energy can really compensate for a basic lack of clerical aptitude. He keeps the Commandos alive, barely, and carries a lot of Raise scrolls for those times when his skills are not up to the task.

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. The girl is a walking crap magnet.

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