May 212015

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Ironblaze, and Geoff was gracious enough to let me write a post here on his site. (Thanks again!) I figured the best place to start would be writing about, well, Ironblaze, my namesake character on Sarlona.

He’s always been a mess.

One of my favorite aspects of DDO is the incredibly wide range of build options. Purely off the current class mixes, there is somewhere above 1500 combinations possible, and some of these have (probably?) never seen the light of day. I know I’ve personally never seen a Barbarian/Artificer before, let alone any Barbarian/Artificer/Any Third Class. So, my characters tend to be on the eclectic side of the spectrum. Usually not so far as “ineffective” or anything, but certainly not up to the min/max standard.

Look at that silliness

That’s Ironblaze for this life, his third. He’s actually the first character I ever got to level 20, in the days when there was ALWAYS a Shroud party looking for more and Epic Destinies were a rumor on the forums. Back then, he was a pure Warforged Wizard, as a Pale Master with a greatsword. He wasn’t very effective with that sword, but it *was* a Vampiric Blade of Fury, which was just a fun weapon to carry around. Come third life, he’s the “beast” you see above. Bladeforged Sorcerer/Paladin, a fun albeit fairly mundane build on the surface. Probably what should jump out most about that character sheet (at least, it still does to me whenever I look at it) is that Armor Class. Yes, between the guild buffs and the Eldritch Knight enhancements and the spells he carries with him, that is a 79 (+2) AC. Yes, he does in fact have the Adamantine Body feat. Yes, that is an ordinary (random loot) steel shield. No, there isn’t a single percent chance of Arcane Spell Failure from all of that.

In play, Ironblaze generally looks like any sorcerer, especially in raid groups. He stands towards the back and tosses Air Savant spells, intermixed with the ever-popular Prismatic Ray/Spray. I personally find those two spells among the best in the game, but that’s a story for another time. Also, the real beauty of Air Savant spells is they aren’t quite as reliant on spell DCs as the other schools, and there aren’t that many creature immune to lightning. (Strangely enough, even Storm Giants or Air Elementals still get electrocuted. Iron Golems , thus the House Cannith quests, are another story. That’s what Force damage is for.) In wilderness zones or when the enemies run into melee is when Ironblaze really shines this life. He can simply shield block, casting Shocking Touch, Prismatic Spray and using other close-range spells and simply take whatever the enemies can throw at him. The high saves and AC help deflect attacks, and the Greensteel Goggles of Mineral (Stoneskin clickie) on the side help mitigate whatever damage does leak through. Besides, he’s a Bladeforged sorcerer. Naturally, Ironblaze has Reconstruction, the SLA and the regular spell. Death doesn’t happen near as often as most people would imagine. Maybe (Certainly) not the best DPS spellcaster for, well, almost any sort of content (and Epics might be are often painful to run, now that I think about it) but certainly a fun character!

Well, that seems like a suitable introduction. I hope in the future (and should people be willing to put up with my sub-par builds) to go further into some of my strange builds and ideas. Thank you all for reading, I’m now off to figure out how well a Barbarian/Artificer would work.

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  1. Is that Sirrocco i see? Love that sword.

    Nice write-up!

  2. I’ve been considering barbarian/artificer for my next barbarian life. Single Weapon Fighting with a rune arm – could be fun 😛

  3. I think an barbarian/artificer/bard Swashbuckler with Single Weapon Fighting would be really interesting. Providing that one can cast Artificer spells while raged? Dunno, would need to experiment!

    Also, welcome Ironblaze!!

  4. Actually, there’s closer to two million race/class combinations. I did the numbers in a semi-recent post 😀

    • Correcting my correction: 198,000. Close to two hundred thousand, not two million.. Cuz a factor of ten is totally, y’know, negligible. 😛

    • That’s my mistake. I didn’t multiply the races in. Still no reason for not seeing more combinations. And the factor of ten will totally kick in with Warlocks, regardless of alignment restrictions that may arise.

      • Although I did have fun “slumming” one night with a vet-7 half orc sorcerer eldritch knight/artificer battle engineer….what a glorious train wreck that was! Lol.

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