Aug 202013

I couldn’t wait to log into the game last night and get into the new expansion pack.

Except, five hours later, I was no closer to the new expansion pack than I was when I started.

This may seem contradictory, but no, I suspect many of you are going through the same thing I did: re-doing your characters in loving but time-consuming detail.

Take a look at the image included in this article somewhere: Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling), looking fierce and maul-worthy like always. Exactly like always. Except she is not like she was yesterday, not at all. Now she has Dragonmark of Healing enhancements rather than feats. Meaning she not only had to rework her enhancement set, but she also had to rework her feats. Meaning, Lesser Reincarnation. And re-leveling 23 times. And then re-doing all her enhancements.

New! Improved! Chelena!
New! Improved! Now with even more two-fisted hammering!

  • Pro Tip #1: Don’t be this guy (or this guy). If you are Lesser Reincarnating but your epic levels aren’t coming back correctly, wait for a GM. Be patient. Do not log out and enter the Hall of Heroes. Although if you are stuck waiting for a GM anyway maybe it doesn’t matter so much where you are stuck waiting. On second thought, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

  • Pro Tip #2: Every character that existed when the first expansion pack (Menace of the Underdark) came out was given one free Lesser Reincarnation. I’ve had to perform lesser reincarnations on two different characters so far, and each one was able to use the free LR they already had and bank the new +20 LR heart of wood. Not my Gamer Girl though, she wanted to swap classes in the process and that cannot be done with just the free LR.

Lockania: the Blue Elf of free Feats

  • Pro Tip #3: If all you need is to swap one feat, don’t LR at all. Use Fred the Mindflayer, beneath the gardens in House J. Even better, you probably still have a free Feat swap: Lockania the Elf in the Stormreach Harbor gives you a ridiculously easy quest to answer five or six questions (her one-room quest also contains the answers) and if you get them right, she awards you one free feat swap. This renews every life, so even if you’ve used Lockania before, you may still be able to use her again if you’ve TR’d since the previous use.

Some of my characters are taking extra time because of a surprising need to re-do their equipment load out; the minimum levels have increased for some randomly-generated loot. I say “surprising” in that it is not in the release notes, and also, the change is retroactive to items already in your inventory, unlike, say for instance, the last item change when augments were added to named loot and everyone had to grind out the acquisition process all over again to get the newly-improved versions of the same items.

Now that I’ve written that and am re-reading it, it does seem weird, doesn’t it? When our items are improved we have to go and reacquire them. When are items are downgraded it is done to us automatically. Not a thoughtful change, especially since it is one that is not even in the release notes. Maybe Turbine needs a Player Ombudsman to notice these things up front and work them out before they are sprung onto the players.


But I digress. This is not about a Player Ombudsman or even the lack thereof; this is about re-building all of your characters.

Which I love. Character building is one of my very favorite parts of this game. It is more like pen-and-paper D&D than any other part of the game, and is the one game play facet that DDO has better than any other MMO I’ve ever played. It is rich and detailed and complicated but still flows well and is cohesive and makes total sense.

Seriously. DDO has the best character-building of any game. The best.

Which is really a good thing because I’ve finished two characters so far. I got most of the way through a third but did not finish. So that is that, two characters, out of 14 on my main server. One-seventh complete. At this rate I won’t see the new content until this weekend.

But I don’t mind, not at all, I have lots of character rebuilding to do! Lovely, lovely character rebuilding.

Sorry, no time to talk, Brymn is not done yet and I only have an hour before I have to go to work. Only an hour!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I spent 3h rebuilding my cleric, after which I was too tired to do any questing and went to bed. I still have 4 more toons to do.

  2. Actually if you had dragonmarks, the lesser & greater ones would both have been replaced by placeholder free feat respec tokens so you can just go to Fred & swap them – i did this for my 2 dragonmarked elves easily enough.

    And yes, I also spent all evening yesterday redoing enhancements I’m hoping tonight i might actually be able to get around to trying out some of the new content πŸ™‚

    Still, new system looks good overall & while characters might not be able to have the same things as before, the individual trees definitely all have a far more distinctive flavour.

  3. Real life interfered for me. I successfully updated my client…and then my wife drew my attention away for the rest of the evening. Sometimes one gets distracted…

    …Anyway, very good tips. I do expect to spend at least 30 minutes per toon to get things set right. Syncletica herself has been lame and that LR will come in handy. But now with my Avatar build worthless (since all Monks are “Avatars” with all elemental forms), I need to rethink Quintessica. Could she learn both light and dark? Should Henshin be her path? My tanker and pure Ninja are first on the respec train.

    My youngest, Cassietetica, a Rogue with Ninja skills, might benefit most later. Perhaps a little Shadar-Kai?

  4. Great article, keep up the good work! Spent over an hour with monk rebuild, and was very happy to have all elemntal stances maxed with an additional 90 HP. I jad a poor build to start with. Using the dragon ability with shintao monk. (1d4+1) to ability scores I had str, wis and con over 30 and dex at 28. Some of the new enhancements are pretty nice. Gear is at lvl (22) so once I hit higher levels I expect stats ti be well over 32 each for main abilities. Also on side note vampiric stonedust handwraps steal 2 HP per hit now instead of 1. Going to try and solo some quests tonight that i would not have prior to expansion.

  5. Heh Geoff I know how you feel I’m got the joy of rebuilding 4 Static duos, A 6 person static group and my 30 own 30 odd characters and despite some big issues I have with the changes I’m LOVING rebuilding my characters. I’ve even decided to do an X to Y Stat conversion thread on the DDO forums to help others ( and for my own reference.

    I still can’t find any use for a ELVEN Morninglord though πŸ™

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