Oct 132015

Soloing VON3 Live

I was expecting to find DDO down this morning. A maintenance outage? That was supposed to begin at 7:00AM? But no. DDO is here and now and I am excited to try soloing VON3 on my Feybuckler build, on Epic Elite, again.

Except this time I am expecting to win. Expectations! Hey, I was close those other times I’ve tried, fairly close at least, and now I am better. Mawry is level 24 instead of level 21. Her equipment is still a mish-mash of whatever heroic and epic gear she happened to have in the TR bank. Yes, she is still wearing Heroic Minos Legens (and that is not the only minimum level 12 item she still has on) , but she’s upgraded her DPS with a Thunder-Forged shortsword and her survivability with the Hide of the Goristro, Iron Mitts, and Orcish Privateer Boots.

But enough prep. Game time!

Final tally:

Deaths: 19-ish (I am not counting the double deaths from Jack Jibbers Blade. Or the time I lag died. Or … okay it was more like 29)
Mnemonic pots: 5
Greater restoration scrolls: I lost track
Resurrection scrolls: 5 or 6 (stupid Luna)
Jack Jibbers Blade: 3

Topaz of Deathblock: 1
Efreetis: 2
Rest of the Eladrin shrines: 1

Victories: 1, but like I say in the last tweet, “more or less”.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. persistance! I admire it always! Spence chopped his way through an hour of Invaders! I love these kinds of struggles!

    • That’s one word for it… Either way, nice work Geoff 🙂

      As your last tweet certainly sums it up you 4(?) hour ordeal, “still a win!”.

      Next up ToEE solo EE … *cough* Block book the weekend 😀

  2. Top marks for not just bailing at the first hurdle and persevering. I rarely remember the slick runs but I still wax lyrical about the monk life where the party leader said “we don’t usually allow monks in so just try not to die and get in our way” … so when I had 5 stones in my pack and asked them if they wanted me to head back to the shrine or kill Patrick the Maniacal first I could hear the sound of feet being inserted into mouths … got added to 5 friends lists and ran with those guys for a while. Sometimes it’s the coming back from adversity stuff you really remember 🙂

  3. As I always like to say, the worst that can happen is you die a horrible, terrible death.

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