Sep 172012

Hot hot hot!Hot Hot Hot!

For a variety of reasons, most of which are described in my previous DDO post, Mawry has been doing a lot of soloing. She still has 300K XP to go in this life; lots of questing remains.

I’ve been running low on fresh quests to solo. I have plenty left to rerun/repeat/grind, but very few remain that I haven’t already run at least once this life.

Just to mix things up, I decide to run level 18 Mawry through challenges at level 20 and see which ones she can handle. Maybe there is something in there that still grants enough XP to be worth rerunning?

Time is Money – A quick victory, but no useful XP. Buying Time – ditto. Labor Shortage – Ditto. I sense a pattern: maybe something over in the new world?

The Great Tree – check, still no real XP. Defenseless – check. Fight to the Finish – check. The Ring of Fire

[sound of a needle scratching off a record]
[sound of a tornado siren]
[sound of two cars crashing]

Oh my.

The challenge started well. Lots of fiery spiders and dretches, nothing Mawry can’t handle with aplomb. Then the boss Salamander appeared. I was impressed! What a cool-looking monster. It looks exactly the way that a Dungeons & Dragons salamander should look. Very nice.

When it proceeded to kill my pocket healer almost offhandedly, I was still impressed but a bit apprehensive.

Raising Heystack was futile. The Salamander wiped him out again, instantly, effortlessly. And then it wiped Mawry too.

Ouch. Off to House P for improved resistance. Off to the guild ship for improved everything. This time I will remember to wear the correct gear. This time I will not casually assume I am just going to win. This time I will be serious!

No, this time I will be dead again, fiery ashes marking the spots where my healer, my panther, my beholder and I have each fallen.

A third attempt is just as futile as the first two.

Can this be soloed by a melee character? Or does it require self-healing by its very nature?

I am probably not going to find out. A full day of soloing challenges yields many victories, a pile of assorted random collectibles, and less XP than a single run through Coalescence Chamber. This is a nice change of pace; but it is not a winning TR strategy.

The salamander was pretty cool though.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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