Aug 272012

Notice the lack of anyone else in this picture?

Want to step outside of your comfort zone?

Way outside?

Accept an invitation to participate in a DDOCast roundtable, and then be the only guest that is able to actually show up for the live podcast.

Awkward. But not because of DDOCast, no, Anne and Sig are very nice and accommodating. But still, I was supposed to be one of four guests. Yet there I was, just me.

Soloing DDOCast on Epic.

On the plus side, it gave me a chance to talk about my new website. On the minus side, did I mention I was the only guest?

I was nervous before the show. It got a lot worse as time progressed and it became apparent that no one else would be joining us at the roundtable.

But once the show got underway it was not so bad. My Gamer Girl says that I like to talk, I don’t know about that, but once I’d made the first joke (oh thank the gods, Sig laughed, imagine how awful if the first joke had tanked) I lost most of my nervousness.

By the ten minute mark I was probably talking too much.

Here, if you’ve got ninety minutes to kill, check it out.

Overall, it was fun in a nail-biting adrenaline kind of way. Sig and Anne are very funny and clearly enjoy doing the show. Not just doing the show, but doing it together. A fun couple, and easy to like.

And I got to talk about the game I love. A lot of talking. Really a lot.

So that’s not so bad, right?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I was able to catch around the first 15 mins or so b4 meeting up with Lessah to tape a Cth. And i think you were doing great.

    This hole east cost – west cost with me in the middle (central) is a pain when it comes to taping stuff. I was ready to go when i booked DDocast @ 3 pm my time…..

    I bet you did great for the rest of the show too.

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