Jul 222015

You probably knew this already, but I definitely did not, so it is news. Even if only to me.

The bluff icon is not just some sort of amorphous blob, but is an actual, heavily-stylized image of a person. Playing poker! I mean, it makes total sense, but is still something I’ve never known even after playing the game for nearly ten years.

Dubious? Skeptical? I would be if someone was telling me this. “Oh sure”, I’d say, “a face playing poker”, while politely trying to contain the eye-rolling. Meanwhile on the inside I would be all about the idiocy of such a statement. Sure it is. A face. Playing poker.

Except yes it really is.

I had no idea that the Bluff icon was actually a face. Playing poker.

My Gamer Girl was as surprised as I. And she has no good excuse: she plays rogues all the time, uses Bluff heavily, and runs in first-person mode where this should have been extra visible. But even so.

A face. Playing poker. Huh.

Now I am super curious about the Intimidate and Diplomacy icons. Especially Diplomacy, which I almost always forget that I have, because … well really I don’t know why. Yet for some reason I just never remember to hit the Diplomacy button, even on characters that built up their Diplomacy on purpose. In my mind, the Diplomacy icon is just another amorphous blob. Intimidate has always impressed me as a fist giving someone the finger. You know which finger I mean. I’ve never investigated, the finger seemed appropriate.

Two blobs and a finger. That was Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate to me. Until now.

I should mention that I still didn’t notice the Bluff icon while playing; I found it later, when I was going through screen shots I’d taken in Fleshmaker’s Laboratory. I wanted to get close-ups of the Flesh Golems: they have such unique art. But instead I got a solid look at Bluff, apparently my first.

A face. Playing poker.

How could something so basic to the game have gone so unnoticed by me? I mean, you all knew this already, right? Am I just that oblivious? Never mind, don’t answer that.

Besides it is pretty clear that yes, I am that oblivious.

At least that oblivious. Probably more.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. This is something you see over mobs heads? Not when you use the skill yourself, right?

    • Yes it appears over monster’s heads. And I think you can see it even when you are the one that used the skill, although my screenshot doesn’t prove that (my Gamer Girl used it in the screenshot)

      • Ahaa. I’ve never seen those at all. Cerge is built as an intim tank this life and I use intimidate now and again (though he has so much threat generation that he doesn’t need intimidate much). I could have a look and see if it has a symbol.

        • Oh it does. But is it really the middle finger that I think it is?

          • πŸ˜€ you prolly get a chance to have a look before I do, so do let us know.

          • I used the symbol in the post where the wolf (porn dog)is trapped in the doorway. Werewolf quest with the Princess Bride connections. Look again and maybe you will understand my “maybe less man on man” comment.

  2. Never knew but I spend my time looking at health bars. Perhaps we can try tonight with Rent’s intimidate. I will try to screenshot.

  3. Thanks Geoff, I always wondered why that guy had his hand in front of his face … WHICH now I think about it, the icon for the skill has cards… Silly Bob.

    On that note, that explains why the dilpo overhead icon looks like a stylised handshake, the skill icon is a handshake.

  4. My favourite was always the rubber chicken head everyone clicked off their green steel back when the shroud demanded every last click at our disposal; crumpled fingers on a “weak” hand.

  5. I’ve never really paid that much attention to most of the icons, just the blooms so that I know it went off. I can check the success/ failure by the responses I get, so… yep. Never checked.

  6. Intimidate is a dude looking down at another dude. Diplomacy is just two hands shaking. Now if you can figure out Haggle for us, that would be cool. πŸ™‚

  7. I use bluff all the time. I’ve never been able to get a clear look at the symbol and have shared your amorphous blob opinion. Of course, you don’t have very long to take advantage of your target being bluffed so I’m somewhat busy making sure I hit the attack that takes advantage of the monster being bluffed.

    What I can say is that you do see the blob when you do the bluffing yourself. I can’t see any reason why you would get a different symbol

  8. Yeah I never got a close look at the icon either but I thought it was vaguely similar to the icon to designate the skill/ability. I’m noticing things all the time that I should have seen before. It keeps the game interesting πŸ™‚

  9. Try on a giant, the icons are huge with them now. I used to believe intimidate was a middle finger, but saw it on sorjeck and its, well, a man towering above other in a intimidating way (pun intended)

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