Dec 122012

Snow Monster!
In Eveningstar, the corn-cob pipe is replaced with fangs. And attitude.

I spent about an hour playing with the new Eveningstar version of the Winter Festival on Lammania. It is quite different from the Eberron version, in ways that I like! New art, a new challenge course, new prizes. But also in ways that I suspect will be unpopular: limited races per day, very high number of motes needed for some of the prizes.

You want to hug him don't you?But the original Eberron Risia Ice Games will be in play too. There ought to be plenty for everyone. The Risia Festival was not activated on Lamannia but one assumes it will be largely unchanged from previous instances?

My favorite part of the new Festival? Look up. Scary fanged snowmen! Boo!

My second favorite part? This guy, a tiny polar bear cub, even more cute and cuddly than he appears in this (surprisingly fierce-looking) image.

Regarding the prizes, there is the usual assortment of minor potions and one-use spells. The new festival offers a more powerful version of Glaciation but one that appears to be significantly harder to earn than the Risia version.

Win this pup!The new festival also offers Cold and Fire resistance, up to 10 points, that can be applied to armor, shield or weapons. I didn’t test but assume that the resistance stacks.

The new festival does not offer Frost or Icy Burst for weapons, you’ll still need to get that from Eberron.

You will be able to earn your own polar bear cub as a companion creature, but you’ll need 10,000 snowflakes. That is really a lot, but I suspect this will be one of most desired companions ever.

I did mention that it is a polar bear cub, right?

Strap on your ice skates. Snowflakes and polar bears await.

🙂 😀 🙂

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