Snow + Night = Lovely

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Feb 112016

The Risia Ice Festival has been a fixture in DDO since nearly its inception, offering a chance to upgrade random weapons, learn a now-obsolete level of Glaciation, and in Eveningstar, skate your way to a very minor armor upgrade.

But that is not the best part. The best part is the snow, falling anywhere in DDO, on your airship, in the desert, anywhere.

The snow is lovely. Especially at night. But don’t take my word for it.

Snowfall on a Winter’s Night

Theo Townend


Blue airship on a snowy night


The snow falls gently
Frozen tears from heaven they seem.
The reflection of the moonlight,
A comforting soft glow on the snow covered ground.


Snow over Gianthold


A wondrous display like no other,
Beauty to which none can compare.
A silence like no other
Peace of mind an easy find,
In places such as these.


Snowy Harbor


The snow then stops its angelic descent from above
Lying still on the ground
Like the powder on a doughnut.


Airship on a snowy night


Eerie stillness and quiet,
Yet comforting as well.
The dawn is coming,
The time is near.
Yet ugly compared to what I have witnessed here.


Click on any of the images to see the full-sized majesty of DDO at it’s visual best.


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  1. I believe you misspelled “worst”. I’ve never seen it spelled “b-e-s-t” but hey we can’t all be champion spellers.

  2. I agree–it is really lovely to see the environment change. I think it is the best part. I have a thread on the forums about proposing new Risia recipes if you are interested.

    We need an occasionally sleet storm in public spaces with full loss of visibility and slipperiness…

  3. I skated and jumped. The first few days I had plenty of company, the last few, very little. The event needs a redo, but the falling snow is somehow peaceful. Your words describe the feelings evoked well. I always sigh when the snow has gone.

    However, I still seem to have some non-decayed Halloween stuff in my bags……

  4. The same can also be said for real life. Winter is my favorite season.

  5. I just wish I didn’t have to buy skates…

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