Snow Day

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Jan 312010

Snow Day + Road Trip = LOTS of coffee.

Snow day + road trip

Fortunately I like snow driving. For one day, my beat up old P.O.S. is the fastest car on the road 🙂

See you in a few days

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  1. Drive safe. See you.

  2. Old Man Winter is grouchy, so be careful!

  3. Thanks!

    Ten hours to complete a 5.5-hour drive, but I arrived safely. And only about half an hour of the pure white-out kind of thing where you are mostly guessing where the road is and hoping you guessed right. 🙂

    Two days later, 5.5 hours on the return trip, and all is well, although I owe my salt-encrusted car an extra-severe washing.

    p.s. I really do like snow driving 🙂

  4. I also like snow driving too but…. it was really interesting going through the last blizzard towing a 50′ 5th wheel. Eventually stopped and waited for the plows.

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