Mar 132012


Now that is a bad hair day!

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  1. …at least you weren’t on a plane with them…

  2. Snakes are bad enough, by themselves, however, they are ten times worse when on a plane…..Indiana Jones, Samuel Jackson, just to name a couple of examples.

  3. I suppose you’d rather have hamsters?

  4. As long as it’s not squirrels. *shudders*

  5. Hey, you stole that line from one of the Lordsmarch guards!

    Also? S-I-M-P squirrels in my pants!

  6. @LrdSlvrhnd Son, I am disappoint

    [Upon opening the Well of the Souls and peering down]
    Sallah: Indy, why does the floor move?
    Indiana: Give me your torch.
    [Indy takes the torch and drops it in]
    Indiana: Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?
    Sallah: Asps… very dangerous. You go first.

  7. Yes, I know the original reference 8-þ But one of the Lordsmarch guards says it as well.

  8. It would take a ton of pinky mice to feed that hair-do. I wonder what she was thinking?! Talk about a high maintenance woman. I wouldn’t want to take -her- out to dinner.

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